Sunday, April 22, 2018

Mistress Shakespeare

It’s not a new topic, but it is always an interesting one. Who was Shakespeare’s muse? This is the topic of Karen Harper’s historical novel, Mistress Shakespeare.

The Story

A young Will Shakespeare falls in love with Anne Whateley. The couple are betrothed,and a few days later he is forced to marry the pregnant Anne Hathaway. Of course his true love is heart broken, but she decides to build a life without Will. But she just can’t forget him. And when he moves to London their relationship is renewed. It shows the good and bad of their relationship that lasts a lifetime.

What I Think

I enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed that was told from Anne’s perspective. I liked that there is a historical background for the story. There really are records that indicate that Will and Anne were betrothed. I liked how it points out the politics behind being an artist in that era. And it made me wonder if things are like that for some artists now. This book will be great for individuals who are fans of Shakespeare. And of course for those who are looking for a well written historical romance.

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