Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tee Shirt Pillow

I've had this thing for unicorns the past couple of months. Don't quite understand it myself. I've never really been a big fan in the past. Maybe it's just that I am participating in a fad, or maybe I just need something a little magical in my life right now. That doesn't really matter, the point of this post is a do it yourself project. I wanted a little pillow with a unicorn, but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I was at the thrift store, and I saw a cute little tee shirt. The price was right, it was under a dollar. I grabbed it. That's where I started.

When I got it home, I did a little pinning. I decided on the size of the pillow, and laid out the format for me to cut out the pattern.
Once I had that laid out I was able to cut out my pillow sides. I wound up with something like this.
Then I flipped the unicorn pattern so it was facing down. Then I whipped out the needle and thread. I started the sewing process. I sewed up three sides of the pillow.
Once that is accomplished you can add that stuffing. Then add some stuffing to the pillow, and sew up the bottom. I had some yarn around the house so I decided to make tassels for the corners of the pillow. This is how it turned out. It's a super easy, and cute little pillow to meet that unicorn craving I'm going through.

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