Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Stop Trashing

Another election season has begun. And most of us know that politics is a subject that can get you into trouble during any conversation. I recently had the opportunity to hear a candidate speak, and I was impressed when she stated that she intended to listen to her colleagues. I thought this is different.

And then today I heard someone discussing an incident where they mentioned that we all need to be respectful of other individuals opinions. And someone replied that all of those individuals were stupid. He pointed out that that individual was actually calling individuals he cared about stupid. After all members of a family may have extremely diverse opinions when it comes to politics.

In essence we need to stop trashing other people’s points of view. There are three ways we can all solve the problem.

First stop calling individuals with different opinions stupid. We need to have open conversations with the people in our lives. I never want to discuss issues with individuals who make general statements about individuals who lean one way or another politically. Why risk the chance of being an attacked.

Second you can watch your social media. Rants are never appreciated by anyone. Getting things off your chest when you are angry isn’t wise on Twitter or Facebook.

And lastly stop supporting individuals who are making those generalizations. Hey politicians need money, just don’t support people who act that way. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are.

So stop trashing the people in my life with your generalizations.

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