Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hobnobben Film Festival

I’ve always wanted to attend a film festival. I always thought it would be Cannes or Sundance, but my community hosts a film festival each spring. The Hobnobben Film Festival takes place each June in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s only been running for three years, but as we all know, new can be pretty good. 

The festival needed volunteers. You got a t-shirt and a free movie ticket in exchange for a shift. I thought that’s a good deal. So I got my shirt and ticket. And I enjoyed the festivities.

My favorite film of the festival was actually a short film. The title was making a movie. In less than ten minutes the creator of this film showed just how frustrating it is to make a quality film. And it was funny. I also liked a film called Antiquated. It was a short film that showed just how a movie can be scary without the use of gore. 

Of course there were loads of other films to see, but I had to work. 

So film nerds make sure you check out the Hobnobben Film Festival you won’t be disappointed.

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