Friday, June 8, 2018

June Goals 2018

It's a week into June, and I haven't posted any goals. So it's time. Here is a look at what I accomplished last month. And a look at what I want to accomplish next month.

My first goal for May was to finish that DIY dress. I did it! If You check out my post The Unicorn Dress. You can see the DIY project. But here is the finished project.

I also wanted to go through some items for a yard sale. This was accomplished, and I even got them in a friends sale. Isn't that awesome! The goal was accomplished! Yay, me!

I also went on a great cemetery crawl. We went to the National cemetery in Marion, Indiana. I went with a friend who is also a huge fan of cemeteries, and she is kind of a history buff too. If you are ever in Marion you should check out the cemetery. There is a great civil war monument there.

I did read more than I was the month before, but not as much as I wanted to. Life just gets so busy sometimes. But progress was made.

June Goals

Goal number one is to get that car cleaned out. How does it get so trashed? I mean really I do empty things out of it, but all of the sudden it looks like I am living in it. This month. I want to get it cleaned out, and of course I really need to vacuum and clean the windows. It's going to happen.

The second goal is to finish that Teddy Bear I started working on. It is getting there, but not quite what I want yet. It will be adorable when it is finished. And I need it for an upcoming sale.

Goal number three is edit my blog. I need to do some serious editing. I mean I need to update some posts, and the pages. It's gonna happen this month.

There is a museum I really want to visit. I visited it a few years ago. But I want to go again. It's a cool place, and well I need to make a return. This is the month!

So what are all of you planning to do this month?

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