Friday, June 8, 2018

Saving The Bees

I came home the other day, and there was a dead bumblebee on the sidewalk. I thought to myself there’s one less bee in the world. I wondered if that lone bee knew just how important he was to all of u. In case you’ve had your head buried for the past few years, the bee population is declining much faster than it should be. There are lots of theories about the cause. It all seems fairly complicated. And I don’t think anyone really knows why. But one thing everyone agrees on is that it is a problem. 

Since most of the property east of the Mississippi is owned by private individuals, it is up to the general population to help out those little busy bees that pollinate our food supply. The easiest thing for all of us to do is to plant some flowers. It’s no secret that bees love flowers. They need the nectar from the flowers to survive. Even if it’s a few hanging baskets with flowers you’re doing your part.

I know many individuals loathe dandelions. So they pour chemicals on their lawns to kill them off. But it isn’t just those dandelions you are taking out. You are also killing off bees. Just cut back on the harsh chemicals. It could save a bee.

And since fall is lasting longer don’t forget to plant some of those flowers that blossom in the fall.

Put some of these into action and you could save the bees.

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