Friday, June 29, 2018

Three Ways To Add Pizzazz To Your Decorating

Sometimes you just need a little different look in the room around you. And it needs to be low in price as well as easy to accomplish. Here’s three super easy ways to make a decorating update to any room.


You know it looks great with clothing. But layers also add a little extra to a room. You can prop framed pictures or mirrors against a wall,overlapping them slightly. Top a stack of books with a knick knack. Or drape a throw over the arm of a chair. This will provide your room with a little depth.


Adding a large mirror to a room can actually make a room look larger. You’re adding loads of natural light. And these mirrors can be picked up at garage sales or thrift stores.


This time of year you can walk out into your garden and find the simplest method of adding flare to a room. While vases are nice, don’t forget you have other items in your home that will make great vases. Teacups and bowls are a fun change of pace.

So let me know how you spruce up a room.

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