Saturday, June 30, 2018

Trivia Of The Day

Everyone needs a little trivia in their lives. We all need a little conversation piece that is way over the top. Here’s some for you trivia lovers out there.

Horse and Carriage

The first baby carriage was made in 1733 by William Kent, an English architect. A miniature version of a horse drawn carriage, this invention was hooked up to a small animal, such as a goat or dog, so the child could enjoy a ride.

Poverty Revealed

Through his characters, nineteenth century English author Charles Dickens revealed what it was like to be poor in Victorian England. He is known for classics as Oliver Twist.

Sing a Song

Male grasshoppers sing to attract a mate. To produce their song, they rub their lower fore wings together. The singing of grasshoppers is known as stridation.

So there are three pieces of trivia you can pull out whenever you need them.

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