Saturday, June 2, 2018

Wedding Do's And Don'ts

Everyone has a story about a wedding that has gone wrong. Or just some incidents that have occurred that put a little tarnish on a couple’s special day. Here are a few wedding do’s and don’ts.

Don't ask Gollum to be the ring bearer

We all know this will just go totally wrong. He will find the ring to be precious! He may not want to give it up.

Do: Have dress fitting with the ladies.
Make sure that the dresses all fit well. Nobody wants a wardrobe mishap at a wedding. It makes for good stories, but it is extremely embarrassing. Make sure that the fitting is done with enough time to make alterations if necessary.

Don’t: Have bad thai food right before trying on dresses.

Yep, bad food, can make for a bad fitting. Does this really need anymore explanation.

Do: have a nice wedding.

Weddings are meant to be a celebration for everyone involved. So make sure you enjoy the time with friends and family.

Don't:think the more that you spend the happier your marriage will be.

Your wedding day is a special day, but keep in mind it is one day. Don’t go into debt over your wedding. I mean don’t you want to be able to afford a home after your wedding?

Do take your vows seriously.

In a time when divorce is common, it often feels like individuals don’t take their vows seriously. Remember these are serious vows that should be thought through before you make them.
Don't cross your fingers while saying them.

If you have doubts about being able to keep your vows maybe marriage isn’t for you. There are no maybes with the commitment.

Do write down what everyone gave you so you can write a personal thank you.

Keep track of who sent you a gift. It’s easy to have someone write all the information down for you. And well worth the time. That person is an important part of your bridal party.

Don't skip sending a thank you to people who didn't give you cash or a check

And I repeat don’t forget that thank you note. I recently had a conversation with someone who was very offended because she had not received a thank you note for the shower gift or wedding gift she gave to a friend. This is one of the small things that can alter friendships. If you wanted the individual there for your special day. Take time to make them feel like their presence was special to you.

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