Sunday, July 1, 2018

July Goals 2018

June was not a good month for me when it came to completing goals. I ran into some problems because I had to l a few extra days this month. So there was no time to complete extras. This month will be different. I am starting my goals at the very first of the month. So here’s what I want to accomplish this month.


You saw pictures of some of the projects I have been working on recently. I want to complete the bear. I have been stuck on some of the design recently. But this month the bear will be complete.


I have a big basket full of toys that I have used for a craft project. I want to sort through those toys to see what direction the crafts should go. And are there any toys I just don’t need.

State Park

I really want to go to one of the parks in the area. They have buffalo. And you can get close to them.
I’m going to see those buffalo this month.


I need new work shoes. I have to get new ones every few months, but I hate buying them. This month I will get those new shoes.

That’s what I want to accomplish this month.

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