Friday, July 6, 2018

Stop Wasting That Food

We’ve all heard that a lot of food is wasted, but can you imagine just how much there really is? The USDA estimates that 90 billion pounds of food goes uneaten. That comes to about $370 per person each year. Yikes that is an amount of money you can do something with. And now I have your attention right? What can you do about this waste though? Here’s a few simple things.

Plan Your Meals

If you have a family this is a must. From the planner will come a grocery list. As long as you stick to the list you will purchase less food. And you will spend less money and waste less food.

Consider A Food Service 

If you are single consider a food service. Yes, they are a little pricey, but you will be receiving the right amount of food to prepare a meal, and less food will go to waste.

Foodpreppers App 

There is an app for everything. Foodkeeper is a free app that help you determine the best storage methods. It also let’s you know when foods are approaching their storage life.

Support Businesses 

The EPA has set up a program that numerous manufacturers and retailers are involved in to reduce food waste. These businesses recycle their waste through donating, feeding animals and creating compost. Make sure you support these businesses. They are doing something right.

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