Friday, July 6, 2018

The Case Of The Missing Silkie

I met a beautiful little silkie this week. She wasn’t a silkie terrier, but a silkie hen. She was white with puffy feathers, and blue skin underneath it all. She was a shy little thing. But she was beginning to come out of her shell. And there were plans to turn her into a rainbow chicken.

After we met the whittle widow as she was called. The group of us enjoyed food, drinks and songs. It turned dark, and it was time to escort her to her house. But when we went to find her she was gone.

The other chicks were there, but the widow was missing. We looked in the trees, and we looked through the caged area. There was no commotion that we could remember. And a white chicken is easy to see.

Did she fly the coupe? No, she can’t fly. The fence was closed so she couldn’t have walked out. Perhaps, it was aliens. She was abducted by a race of alien chickens. Or was it a chicken rapture? Probably not, but you can leave no stone unturned.

The practical person in the group decided that a raccoon was the abductor of the wittle widow. If you have any information that can lead to the solution of the case of the missing silkie please comment below.

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