Sunday, May 13, 2012

Country Drive and Bacon Gift Baskets

This week has been fairly wonderful! There were a couple moments of frustration. One day in particular I was starting to become a little anxious so I decided to go for a drive. I thought to myself where could I go that is not going to cost me a fortune, but I could get outside for a little while and clear my mind. So I hopped in my car and started to drive a southwest to Huntington, IN. A little town about 30 an hour from my home. I worked in Huntington several years ago. So I knew about a park in the town that was pretty. It's the Sunken Garden.

The Sunken Gardens in Huntington, Indiana, was a stone quarry between the years of 1923 and 1928. After the quarry closed architects developed the quarry into a park. I am unsure when the park opened, but it has a really relaxing atmosphere. Since the park was a rock quarry, it is lower than the nearby streets. The result is sounds from cars passing by are blocked and it is really quiet.

The park has ponds and a fountain, which you guessed it ducks enjoy swimming in.

As I walked through the park I felt some of myself relax a little, which was the desired effect.  And then I looked over and saw this.

Light at the end of the tunnel. It provided me with a little bit of inspiration. So if your ever in the area of Huntington, Indiana, I recommend a visit to The Sunken Gardens. Its a nice place for a lunch break or if you need a little bit of peace and quiet in your life.

My friend Andy has recently had quite a bit of stress in his life. His mother passed away, and now his father is in Hospice. It seems as if he can't quite catch a break right now. What do you do for people when nothing you can say will make them feel better? Since Andy is a great fan of bacon a friend and I decided to make a Bacon Gift Basket for Andy. What items are in a Bacon Gift Basket? Well pretty much anything to do with bacon. We purchased bacon bits, a bacon and chocolate candy bar (these can be found at Fresh Market), and of course some precooked bacon. But it also needed some items that were home made. My friend made bacon chip cookies. These were really yummy. I wasn't too sure about them, but surprisingly chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon are really tasty. My home made addition was the bacon cheese bread. I was able to use my breadmaker, which is totally awesome and the bread turned out beautifully. We added an inflatable pig to your basket and you have a nice gift. While we were not able to make things better for Andy, we were able to let Andy know that there are people that are thinking of him.


  1. Such a magical looking place! #photofriday

  2. You found a very peaceful and pretty location.
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  3. what a beautiful park and a good use for the old quarry