Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chris Mann’s Album Roads

Chris Mann has a new album that was released October 30th. The album’s title is Roads. The album includes tracks named Roads, Always On My Mind, Ave Maria, and my favorite Vida La Vida. I’m a big fan of Coldplay so I was really glad to hear a cover of this song on the album. It also features a duet with Christine Aguilera called The Blower’s Daughter. You can listen to the song by clicking on the youtube video below.
Things I think are really cool today!
spiced pumpkin butter
Pumpkin Butter just sounds really tasty to me today. It's a fall food. And one of the great ways to serve up pumpkin. This pumpkin butter is available through brownleeandtates' shop on etsy.
Bakery Dessert Flavors - Lip Balm Set of 3 - Shipp
And pumpkin cheesecake lip balm sounds awesome! The set also includes chocolate cake, and apple pie lip balm. Three great baked items. They are available through fashioncandy's shop on zibbet. Check it out she also has some really cute kawaii jewelry.
I hope everybody has a Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That's So Disappointing!

I had a few disappointments during my day today.

1. The people from Publisher's Clearing House didn't show up at my house with a big check so that I could call into work rich! I was really looking forward to a visit from them.

2. A brownie didn't move into my house and complete all those cleaning tasks that I keep putting off. Where is the world of magic when you so desperately want it?

3. My cats didn't massage my feet today when I got home from work. I don't see why they can't do that kneading thing they do on my feet instead of on my stomach.

On the flip side I had a couple of great moments.

1. I got off work in the morning at a decent time. Hurray! I was able to go home and get a nap.

2. I had raspberries with my lunch. They taste wonderful.

3. And I get to go out to dinner with some really awesome friends this evening.

I guess the great moments make up for the disappointments. Those things probably won't happen anyway, but I can always hope can't I?

And here are some really cool Beatles items I want today.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Hand Painted Plates Set of the Fab Four

I love thes plates! These plates are handpainted with a picture of each Beatle on one plate. Four decorative salad plates. They are available through Debbielsadopted's shop on etsy.

Beatles Cartoon Sgt Peppers "Under My Umbrella"

And this painting of The Beatles is fantastic! It's available through artiste26's shop on zibbet. I love seeing them dancing with the umbrellas. She also has a blog that showcases some of her artwork. Check it out!

Music to Blog by Today Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles

I hope everybody has a great day! And keep all the people touched by the recent storm in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, October 29, 2012

What’s the Best Cure For Insomnia?

Well, according to W.C. Fields the cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep. But sometimes for a variety of circumstances we all have trouble sleeping. So today’s post is about Melatonin. I was recently contacted by Now Melatonin to do a review of Melatonin. So let’s take a look at Melatonin.
Now Melatonin - 3 mg 180 capsules

What is Melatonin? It’s a hormone that occurs naturally in our bodies. Melatonin levels rise and fall throughout the day in humans. And levels start to increase around 8:00 pm. That’s why we all want to sleep at night.

Now Melatonin - 3 mg 180 capsules (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)

Why would you take Melatonin? As individuals age, the hormone levels in a person’s body begin to drop. And some people begin to have trouble sleeping. This is where Century Supplement’s Now Melatonin can come in handy. You can purchase the Melatonin and take it as a supplement to assist with regulating the hormone level. And the result is a better night sleep.
NOW Melatonin - 3 mg 60 capsules

You can purchase Melatonin over the counter in the United States, and many doctors recommend it in place of sleeping pills for many patients. And for many people it is an extremely effective method of regulating their sleep patterns. Like all supplements some people do experience some adverse effects. You can feel groggy the next morning, and there is a slight chance of nausea and headaches.

Now Melatonin sells 3mg tablets of Melatonin. You can order these online through the Century Supplements website. Just click on the link below to go to the website.
So would I recommend Now Melatonin which is available through Century Supplements? Yes, for many people melatonin is a reliable method of treating insomnia so I recommend it. But I also recommend that you know what the possible side effects of taking melatonin are. Do your own research to see if this supplement is right for you.  And if you experience the side effects consult a medical professional before continuing with the supplement. And keep in mind I’m not a medical professional, and this is simply my opinion on Now Melatonin and Century Supplements.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Captain's Update

It’s Captain again! It’s been awhile since I let everyone know about life with my pet human. So I thought I would take a few minutes on the internet to let everyone know about the antics around our house.
I took some of Kaffe’s advice. I have begun meowing more when I want something. And it works! I do believe that sometimes my pet human forgets that I am here. So I must constantly remind her that I am the center of the universe.
My human has been providing me with plenty of catnip recently which makes me extremely happy! My roommate Smokey keeps going on about his addiction to catnip, but I say “Whatever!” Catnip is wonderful. I feel like I can conquer the world when I have catnip. And I don’t take any crap off my other roommate Bobaloo when I have catnip. She thinks I’ll share catnip with her, but boy is she wrong. The only feline I share my catnip with is Smokey. And since he has decided he is an addict the catnip is all mine.
Well my pet human looks like she needs to spend some quality time with me. So I will see if I can will her to pet me. I hope all of my fellow felines and their pet humans have a fantastic day.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hands That Look Like Aliens?

Recently, Kimberly-Clark ran a campaign on the importance of hand washing. Artist Rodrigo Piedra completed some hand paintings for the project. And these are the pictures.

hands paintings

hands paintings

hands paintings

hands paintings

hands paintings

Are these cool or not?

And here are a couple of monster goodies I think are totally cool.

Monster Building Kit

Here are some really cute monsters you can get through amillionideas shop on etsy. I love that pink monster. You receive the monsters through pdf, and you can print them onto cards or use them as cutouts for a party.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did You Ever Play That Game Telephone?

Did you ever play that game telephone when you were a child? You know the one where you whisper something in someone's ear. And then they whisper what they heard into the next person's ear. It goes on through several people. And the last person tells everyone what they heard. It's the perfect way to teach children how stories get twisted, when they are retold.

Within the past couple of days, I managed to be the originator of a telephone game. I did everything I could to avoid it, but it happened. I was recently sent to work at a different facility for my job. Within an hour of beginning work at this facility, my new co-workers, who are awesome, asked me if I knew which people at the facility I am assigned to were taking the early retirement the company is offering. I told them specificly, I was not absolutely sure, but when I spoke to my supervisor she informed me that three individuals were taking the early retirement. And that there were at least two others who had not decided yet.

So a couple of hours go by, and I hear one of my new co-workers telling someone that there will probably be five people retire from the facility I am normally assigned to. All I could do was sign, and think if there was any other way that I could have said that so it didn't get twisted.

CLEARANCE. We're not Gossiping, We're Networking Magnet

So is this fitting or what? The picture of the ladies on this magnet is cute. And I love the fact that they insist they are networking. It's on sale too! It's available through Hope Meadows shop on etsy.

Have a fantastic day everybody!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


They say change is an inevitable part of life. And if your not changing your not really alive. But the one thing I've noticed about change is it always comes when you least expect it. I have to admit change always drives me a little crazy, but I'm always glad because it usually gets me out of a rut I've allowed myself to get into. So I guess while I often dread change if I know it's coming, I'm also kind of glad, because change often gives me a different outlook on life. So for all of you who are going through some sort of change in your life right now, just keep in mind, that this is going to give you a whole new outlook on things in life.

Things That I Think Are Adorable Today

I think this is so cute! A little fox headband. It's for newborns, and small children, but I think with enough requests the shop owner might start making them for adults. It's available through giddyupandgrow's shop on etsy.

Woodland Stufflings PDF Pattern

And this one is for all the crafty folks out there. If I was going to start a sewing project at this moment I would pick this one. This is the pattern for a stuffed fox, owl, and a deer. They are just so cute. The pattern is available through gingermelon's shop on zibbet.

And music to blog by today It's Wonderful by Paolo Conte!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There's a Monster On the Door

There's A Monster On the Door

Here's a simple and affordable way to decorate your door for Halloween. And it looks fantastic! You just need a few simple items, and your door will look festive.
Here's what you need
streamer, 2 paper plates, black paint, and black duct tape.

First paint two circles on the white paper plates.
After the paint dries. Tape the plates to the center of the door.
Then use the duct tape to add eye brows. Then use the duct tape to add a mouth. Finally use the streamers to add a little bit of bangs to your doors face.

Told ya it was easy!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Great Things About Childhood

As children we look forward to becoming adults. But we often don't realize the really great things we will miss when we become adults. Here's a list of five things that make life as a child way more interesting and pleasurable than life as an adult is.

1. Naps are mandatory! Children are forced to take naps, but as adults all of us would love to be able to lie down for an hour each afternoon and sleep for awhile.

2. Twirling in circles is acceptable. Doing something just because it is fun is not seen as odd when you're a child. It feels great to see the world spin around you. And it feels good to feel the air rush over your skin as you twirl.

3. Expensive does not equal fun. As a child a box of crayons, and a yo-yo can be hours of entertainment. How many adults, other than Tommy Smothers, can get away with playing with a yo yo?

4. As a child believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa are considered normal. Adults aren't really allowed to believe in the fantastic or many other things that bring joy into people's lives.

5. It is ok to cry if you fall down and hurt yourself. In fact you get a hug and a kiss most times when you fall down and hurt yourself. Adults don't really have time to comfort themselves or anyone else when they are in pain of any kind.

And here are a couple of great nap items I want today!

I LIKE NAPS Hoodie - Navy Blue Sweatshirt - Unisex Sizes S, M, L, XL

This just says it all! I do like naps. This hoodie is available through theboldbanana's shop on etsy. There are loads of other cool t-shirts, and hoodies there too!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smokey's Confession

My name is Smokey. And I have a confession to make. I am a catnip addict. Yes, I have stated it publicly now. I have an addiction. This is quite difficult for me to admit, because I am handsome and proud. My addiction began, when I was a kitten. I got my first taste of catnip. And ever since then I have been willing to do anything for more. I will spare you the horror stories and the indignities I have endured in my quest for more catnip.

I understand that I will have a life long struggle with catnip. I have completed the first step by admitting I have a problem. Now I must take each day as it comes. Some days are easier than others. On the days it is not offered to me I am a happy feline. But once I hear the shake of that catnip container, I often lose all my ability to fight the addiction. I break down and run for that sweet aroma and taste I know will be supplied.

Fellow felines I’m sharing a public service announcement about catnip made by Litter Genie. I believe it was intended for our pet humans, but I feel that it more accurately describes the dangers of catnip. So please view, and keep in mind that there is danger in the use of catnip.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ida May Never Threw Anything Away

I went to an estate sale this weekend. I always find estate sales interesting. All of a person’s worldly treasures are put up for sale when they die. This estate sale was particularly interesting because Ida May really did never throw anything away. So you went into this small house that was a time capsule from the 1950’s at the latest. Books, magazines, clothes, and music all from a half century ago were all up for sale.

But I couldn’t help wondering what all of these things meant to Ida May. I’m sure she enjoyed playing all of the sheet music she acquired. There were thousands of pieces of sheet music. And while I looked through hundreds of pieces of music, I wondered if Ida May would be happy with the people who were taking home her beloved treasures. Was she looking down from heaven saying “that’s not for you”? Or was she saying “take it that’s perfect for you”? I’ll never know, but I hope that everyone enjoys all the goodies, and I hope that they all found that perfect home.
And since I spent so much time looking at sheet music today. Here are a couple great pieces of sheet music that I think are really cool.
PARIS Eiffel Tower Sheet Music Digital Scan
I love this piece with Paris printed on the front. All of the swirls in the sky make it extremely interesting, and I wonder what the song sounds like. It's available through FrenchKissed site on zibbet.
Vintage Sheet Music Illustration - Art Deco
And the illustration on this piece of sheet music is wonderful. I love the greens and grays in the illustration. It's available through Kat's shop on etsy.
Music to Blog by Today
Everything Counts Long Version-Depeche Mode

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dance Darth Dance

Once again it is time for some Star Wars fun. So for all my friends who love Darth Vader, and adore the Stormtroopers, here is Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers dancing to Michael Jackson's Beat It. Michael probably never envisioned this.
If that didn't make you smile I don't know what would.
Star Wars stuff I think is really cool today.
Hello Kitty Inspired Pink Darth Vader Kitty Stud Earrings Handmade
Aren't these awesome? It's the best of two worlds Hello Kitty and Star Wars. How much more can a girl ask for? These are available through musicisinsanity's shop on etsy. And the shop has loads of other adorable jewelry!
Star Wars Dress
And this one is for all the mini geeks in your life. Just get the girl started the right way, and dress her in a Star Wars dress. It's available in sizes newborn to size 6 through MyFunClothes shop on zibbet.
May the Force Be With You!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Five Coolest Places I've Visited

Most people like to travel. And many people have had the opportunity to visit lots of cool places. Everybody has a list of favorites so I thought I would share the places I’ve visited that I thought were extremely cool.

5. Sun Records Studio
I visited Memphis, TN, a few years ago with a friend. We wanted to see Graceland, and I wanted to see Sun Records Studio. The great recording studio that in its heyday was the home of recording artists such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Ray Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis. In my opinion, Sun Records Studio was way more interesting than Graceland because there were so many more stories to hear about the different performers who recorded at the studio.

4. Salzburg, Austria
It’s a beautiful town in Austria that is surrounded by the Alps. And The Sound of Music was filmed there. And if you’re a classical music buff, the Mozartarium is located in Salzburg.
3. Duluth, MN
Yeah, I didn’t really visit there. I lived there as a child, but it’s this really scenic town in Northern, MN. It’s an extremely hilly area so you can look down on Lake Superior. But unless you really enjoy extremely cold weather, only visit there in the summer. It is unbelievably cold there in the winter.
2. Frank Lloyd Wright House Oak Park, IL
If you want to see some beautiful homes designed by one of the greatest American architects visit Oak Park, IL. You can visit the home Wright lived in while he lived in Oak Park. Plus within walking distance there are six homes and the Unity Temple which Wright designed. Most of the homes can only be viewed from outside, but it’s definitely worth walking through if you’re in Chicagoland.
1. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Yes, this is the real reason to go to Vegas if you ask me. It’s beautiful! It’s named Red Rock Canyon because the rocks are red. And if you’re lucky you might see a jackalope running around.
And since our theme for the day is travel. Here are a couple of travel items I found while, I was looking around etsy today.

Eat Well Travel Often Art Print // 8x10
And well does this need explaining? It's available through wickedpaper's shop on etsy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Goals

I spent several years working in social services. And it is kind of pounded into my head that all goals must be attainable in a certain amount of time. They must all be measurable. And you must be able to say what kind of assistance you need in order to meet that goal. Along with writing that goal you must also be able to set up some steps on how to complete that goal. In essence what are the micro steps you take to complete the goal. But I finally realized the other day, that not all goals have to be that much work. They can be general, and I don't have to review them each month to see if I have completed goals I have. So I'm going to take a stab at setting some new goals in life. I figured I would start with four. It just seemed like a good number. So here we go.

1. Make a Smashbook.
2. Organize All Vintage Clothing in My House.
3. Paint the Living Room.
4. Use That Yoga DVD I Own on a Regular Basis.

So let's see how long it takes me to do these things.

So here are a few things I really liked when I looked around online today that related to setting goals.

Series NOW Gathered Truths mini art -  FOUR Inspirational Note Cards  ASEO mantras affirmations goals

And since I want to put together a smashbook, I've been looking at all sorts of stuff involving art journals and scrapbooking. This is a mini album. It has eight pages. And I just thought it was cute. It's available through sendysgiftshop on zibbet.

And if your looking around for other great blogs related to paper crafts. Check out Terrie Surface's blog Paper Crafts & Altered Art. She makes cards, but she also converts boxes and other items into some really cool looking artwork. Here's the link.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Etsy Shop Value Calculator Review

I was recently asked to review a website Etsy Website Value Calculator. I looked at the site and said sure I can do a review on your website.

Etsy Shop Value Calculator
Above you will find the link to the Etsy Shop Value Calculator.

If you have an etsy page this site can be very helpful. Start out by going to the area that says Let's Find Out. I put an arrow on the picture showing where it is. All you have to do is punch in your shops name and then punch calculate value.

Once you hit calculate value you will come to a screen like the one below.
It will show the value of your shop based on the number of views, favorites, and sales. Yes, I do believe I have some work to do on my shop. This page will also provide you with a sales per view ratio. Yikes, more work to do!
The Etsy Shop Value Calculator site owner is careful to point out that he is not affiliated with etsy. He also points out that this does not calculate the total sales value by adding up all the sales in the past, but instead the site looks at sales trends. It's a way of predicting the amount of sales you will make if all things continue the way they are at this time. And keep in mind your shop value does change from day to day. (Yeah, I frowned a little, when my shop value decreased the second time I put in my shop name.) He also points out that there are no guarantees with the Etsy Shop Value Calculator.
In my opinion this is a valuable tool, especially, if you are a new shop owner. That's Me! It made me think hmmm, which way do I go now? Do I need to work on the shop's appearance? (There is a link for creating banners.) Do I need to work on my SEO? (ugh!) Or do I want to invest in advertisement? (Where would I advertise?)  Hmmm, the decisions I have to make now as a small business owner.
And I  really like that the Etsy Shop Value Calculator is free to use. Yes, I'll say it again. It's free to use. And another thing I like is it's extremely easy to use. Just punch in your site name, and you get some statistics.
The site also includes links to the website owners etsy shop seo program, which requires a fee. But the promo fee is only $27.00.
So if your an etsy shop owner, click on the link
and let me know what you think of the site.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

My name is Bobaloo! My roommate Captain is off repeating his demands to my pet human Heidi. So I have a couple minutes without distraction on the internet.

First of all I want to thank Kaffy for her valuable advice about human’s being great furniture. Using my pet human as a perch has brought me loads of valuable attention. I am small so I can insist on sitting on her lap. Thank you again Kaffy! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this first.

I moved in with my pet human a couple of years ago. I was extremely young. I was out and about one night, and I got separated from my mother. I found a safe place in a tire well. I began to let the world know that I was there, and some strange man came out. He brought me in a house, but my goodness those people were kind of ignorant. It surprised me since there were other cats living there. They insisted on calling me he, and you can clearly see by my coat that I am a she! So I decided to act like the queen I am, and I tried to take over the house. Within hours they contacted another cat lover, who recognized me for the girl I am. And I decided she was the pet human for me.

My hobbies include climbing curtains, which I have to do when my pet human is not looking. Otherwise, the human gets out a spray bottle, and sprays me with water. But sometimes I just can’t wait until my pet human isn’t looking. A girl has her needs you know.

But recently, I have decided that I should be able to drink out of my pet human’s glass of drinking water. My roommates are a bit untidy sometimes, and I just don’t like sharing water from a bowl with them.  And besides why wouldn’t my pet want to share a drinking glass with me? But the human becomes upset and yells NO at me when I sneak over for drink of fresh water.  She dumps the water out too! What is wrong with her? Doesn’t she understand that I am showing respect to her when I drink from her glass? I am simply showing I prefer her germs to my roommates. If there are any other pet human owners who have an answer to this question, or know of ways that I can rectify this problem between me and my human please feel free to let me know your suggestions. I do not want this behavior to continue.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Things I Saw Today

I was a beautiful day today, so I decided to go for a walk. Here are a few of the things I saw.

Let me know what you think of the pics.

And since I'm in a Gargoyle type of mood. Take a look at a couple of these.

Gothic Photography - Surreal Gothic Nature Scene, Gargoyles, Surreal Landscape, Black and White Fine Art Photograph 8" x 12"

I love this picture with the gargoyles. The black and white makes it look extremely eerie. The picture is available through Kathy Fornal's shop on etsy.

Rainy Day Blues

I've always thought the gargoyle's overlooking Paris on Notre Dame cathedral look a little bored. This picture can be found on zibbet through RandomAbstracts shop.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Johnny Depp Can't Make a Bad Movie

I know there are probably people who disagree with that statement, but they are wrong.  I like all of his movies. From Cry Baby to Pirates of the Caribbean they are all great. But my absolute favorite of all his movies is Chocolat. Why is my favorite? Hmmm, I suppose it's because it's all about people trying to make their way through life. It points out each person's faults, and how each of them live with their weaknesses in a society that is extremely rigid. And Johnny Depp's character glorifies in his inability to fit in. He just doesn't care if he can fit in. He's just himself. But then again, that's the character Johnny always plays isn't it?

Movies to blog by today The Rum Diaries.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Didn't They Call You?

When I arrived at work this morning, one of my coworkers asked me immediately "did they call you yesterday?" This is NEVER the first thing you want to hear when you get to work. She informed me that someone was supposed to call me yesterday, and tell me to go to another building to work today. Hmmm, I thought to myself. How do I react to this? Get mad? No, it's just too early in the morning to get mad. Say it's ok, and when I get the chance ask my supervisor to make sure she calls me the day before if she changes my work location. I opted for the second.

Pink Rotary Dial Telephone

Yes, the theme of the day is the telephone! Believe it or not I have a rotary phone in my house. And it even used it occasionally until I had my landline disconnected a few months ago. But I always thought it would be cool to have a pink landline. This one is available through ThePuppyDogTails shop on etsy.

Print of an English telephone booth

And here's another blast from the past. It's a telephone booth in case you can't identify it. Anyway, this print is available ialbert's shop on zibbet.

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yummy Fried Apples

Yummy Fried Apples
Fried apples are one of the great things about fall. They taste great, and they are so easy to make.
Grab 4 apples (granny smith are my faves) and cut them into pieces. Melt a fourth a cup of butter in a skillet. Throw in the apples. Let them fry a couple of minutes. Pour in half a cup of honey. Make sure you stir the apples so they are all coated in honey. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg. Continue cooking until the apples are a little soft. Put them in a bowl and enjoy.


Hope everybody has a great afternoon!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guest Blogger Buckwheat

Vintage from a dog's point of view? No problem!

Hi, my name is Buckwheat and I've been helping my mom run her vintage shop, Wunderbar Vintage, since I was a wee pup. Mom is partial to vintage dresses with unique details, but personally I've always had a soft spot for vintage dog themed novelty prints!

Get a cute, quirky look and show the world where your loyalties lie (sorry cats!) with these wonderful vintage pieces.

1940's Dress - Rayon and Crepe Novelty Print Dog and Bird Hunting Scene

Very classy 40s hunting dog print dress (love the colors!) from Vintage Frocks of Fancy.

1960s Novelty Swimsuit - 60s swimsuit - Puppy Love Bathing Suit - S

 60s flower power puppy print swimsuit from De La Belle

Vintage 70s pearl snap shirt hippie embroidered chambray top medium

And last, but not least, proving that dogs and cats can indeed live in harmony... a sweet 70s hand embroidered blouse from my mom's shop, Wunderbar Vintage