Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Great Things About Childhood

As children we look forward to becoming adults. But we often don't realize the really great things we will miss when we become adults. Here's a list of five things that make life as a child way more interesting and pleasurable than life as an adult is.

1. Naps are mandatory! Children are forced to take naps, but as adults all of us would love to be able to lie down for an hour each afternoon and sleep for awhile.

2. Twirling in circles is acceptable. Doing something just because it is fun is not seen as odd when you're a child. It feels great to see the world spin around you. And it feels good to feel the air rush over your skin as you twirl.

3. Expensive does not equal fun. As a child a box of crayons, and a yo-yo can be hours of entertainment. How many adults, other than Tommy Smothers, can get away with playing with a yo yo?

4. As a child believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa are considered normal. Adults aren't really allowed to believe in the fantastic or many other things that bring joy into people's lives.

5. It is ok to cry if you fall down and hurt yourself. In fact you get a hug and a kiss most times when you fall down and hurt yourself. Adults don't really have time to comfort themselves or anyone else when they are in pain of any kind.

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