Wednesday, October 24, 2012


They say change is an inevitable part of life. And if your not changing your not really alive. But the one thing I've noticed about change is it always comes when you least expect it. I have to admit change always drives me a little crazy, but I'm always glad because it usually gets me out of a rut I've allowed myself to get into. So I guess while I often dread change if I know it's coming, I'm also kind of glad, because change often gives me a different outlook on life. So for all of you who are going through some sort of change in your life right now, just keep in mind, that this is going to give you a whole new outlook on things in life.

Things That I Think Are Adorable Today

I think this is so cute! A little fox headband. It's for newborns, and small children, but I think with enough requests the shop owner might start making them for adults. It's available through giddyupandgrow's shop on etsy.

Woodland Stufflings PDF Pattern

And this one is for all the crafty folks out there. If I was going to start a sewing project at this moment I would pick this one. This is the pattern for a stuffed fox, owl, and a deer. They are just so cute. The pattern is available through gingermelon's shop on zibbet.

And music to blog by today It's Wonderful by Paolo Conte!

Have a great day everyone!

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