Monday, October 15, 2012

Etsy Shop Value Calculator Review

I was recently asked to review a website Etsy Website Value Calculator. I looked at the site and said sure I can do a review on your website.

Etsy Shop Value Calculator
Above you will find the link to the Etsy Shop Value Calculator.

If you have an etsy page this site can be very helpful. Start out by going to the area that says Let's Find Out. I put an arrow on the picture showing where it is. All you have to do is punch in your shops name and then punch calculate value.

Once you hit calculate value you will come to a screen like the one below.
It will show the value of your shop based on the number of views, favorites, and sales. Yes, I do believe I have some work to do on my shop. This page will also provide you with a sales per view ratio. Yikes, more work to do!
The Etsy Shop Value Calculator site owner is careful to point out that he is not affiliated with etsy. He also points out that this does not calculate the total sales value by adding up all the sales in the past, but instead the site looks at sales trends. It's a way of predicting the amount of sales you will make if all things continue the way they are at this time. And keep in mind your shop value does change from day to day. (Yeah, I frowned a little, when my shop value decreased the second time I put in my shop name.) He also points out that there are no guarantees with the Etsy Shop Value Calculator.
In my opinion this is a valuable tool, especially, if you are a new shop owner. That's Me! It made me think hmmm, which way do I go now? Do I need to work on the shop's appearance? (There is a link for creating banners.) Do I need to work on my SEO? (ugh!) Or do I want to invest in advertisement? (Where would I advertise?)  Hmmm, the decisions I have to make now as a small business owner.
And I  really like that the Etsy Shop Value Calculator is free to use. Yes, I'll say it again. It's free to use. And another thing I like is it's extremely easy to use. Just punch in your site name, and you get some statistics.
The site also includes links to the website owners etsy shop seo program, which requires a fee. But the promo fee is only $27.00.
So if your an etsy shop owner, click on the link
and let me know what you think of the site.


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