Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ida May Never Threw Anything Away

I went to an estate sale this weekend. I always find estate sales interesting. All of a person’s worldly treasures are put up for sale when they die. This estate sale was particularly interesting because Ida May really did never throw anything away. So you went into this small house that was a time capsule from the 1950’s at the latest. Books, magazines, clothes, and music all from a half century ago were all up for sale.

But I couldn’t help wondering what all of these things meant to Ida May. I’m sure she enjoyed playing all of the sheet music she acquired. There were thousands of pieces of sheet music. And while I looked through hundreds of pieces of music, I wondered if Ida May would be happy with the people who were taking home her beloved treasures. Was she looking down from heaven saying “that’s not for you”? Or was she saying “take it that’s perfect for you”? I’ll never know, but I hope that everyone enjoys all the goodies, and I hope that they all found that perfect home.
And since I spent so much time looking at sheet music today. Here are a couple great pieces of sheet music that I think are really cool.
PARIS Eiffel Tower Sheet Music Digital Scan
I love this piece with Paris printed on the front. All of the swirls in the sky make it extremely interesting, and I wonder what the song sounds like. It's available through FrenchKissed site on zibbet.
Vintage Sheet Music Illustration - Art Deco
And the illustration on this piece of sheet music is wonderful. I love the greens and grays in the illustration. It's available through Kat's shop on etsy.
Music to Blog by Today
Everything Counts Long Version-Depeche Mode

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