Sunday, October 14, 2012

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

My name is Bobaloo! My roommate Captain is off repeating his demands to my pet human Heidi. So I have a couple minutes without distraction on the internet.

First of all I want to thank Kaffy for her valuable advice about human’s being great furniture. Using my pet human as a perch has brought me loads of valuable attention. I am small so I can insist on sitting on her lap. Thank you again Kaffy! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this first.

I moved in with my pet human a couple of years ago. I was extremely young. I was out and about one night, and I got separated from my mother. I found a safe place in a tire well. I began to let the world know that I was there, and some strange man came out. He brought me in a house, but my goodness those people were kind of ignorant. It surprised me since there were other cats living there. They insisted on calling me he, and you can clearly see by my coat that I am a she! So I decided to act like the queen I am, and I tried to take over the house. Within hours they contacted another cat lover, who recognized me for the girl I am. And I decided she was the pet human for me.

My hobbies include climbing curtains, which I have to do when my pet human is not looking. Otherwise, the human gets out a spray bottle, and sprays me with water. But sometimes I just can’t wait until my pet human isn’t looking. A girl has her needs you know.

But recently, I have decided that I should be able to drink out of my pet human’s glass of drinking water. My roommates are a bit untidy sometimes, and I just don’t like sharing water from a bowl with them.  And besides why wouldn’t my pet want to share a drinking glass with me? But the human becomes upset and yells NO at me when I sneak over for drink of fresh water.  She dumps the water out too! What is wrong with her? Doesn’t she understand that I am showing respect to her when I drink from her glass? I am simply showing I prefer her germs to my roommates. If there are any other pet human owners who have an answer to this question, or know of ways that I can rectify this problem between me and my human please feel free to let me know your suggestions. I do not want this behavior to continue.

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