Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Goals

I spent several years working in social services. And it is kind of pounded into my head that all goals must be attainable in a certain amount of time. They must all be measurable. And you must be able to say what kind of assistance you need in order to meet that goal. Along with writing that goal you must also be able to set up some steps on how to complete that goal. In essence what are the micro steps you take to complete the goal. But I finally realized the other day, that not all goals have to be that much work. They can be general, and I don't have to review them each month to see if I have completed goals I have. So I'm going to take a stab at setting some new goals in life. I figured I would start with four. It just seemed like a good number. So here we go.

1. Make a Smashbook.
2. Organize All Vintage Clothing in My House.
3. Paint the Living Room.
4. Use That Yoga DVD I Own on a Regular Basis.

So let's see how long it takes me to do these things.

So here are a few things I really liked when I looked around online today that related to setting goals.

Series NOW Gathered Truths mini art -  FOUR Inspirational Note Cards  ASEO mantras affirmations goals

And since I want to put together a smashbook, I've been looking at all sorts of stuff involving art journals and scrapbooking. This is a mini album. It has eight pages. And I just thought it was cute. It's available through sendysgiftshop on zibbet.

And if your looking around for other great blogs related to paper crafts. Check out Terrie Surface's blog Paper Crafts & Altered Art. She makes cards, but she also converts boxes and other items into some really cool looking artwork. Here's the link.