Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That's So Disappointing!

I had a few disappointments during my day today.

1. The people from Publisher's Clearing House didn't show up at my house with a big check so that I could call into work rich! I was really looking forward to a visit from them.

2. A brownie didn't move into my house and complete all those cleaning tasks that I keep putting off. Where is the world of magic when you so desperately want it?

3. My cats didn't massage my feet today when I got home from work. I don't see why they can't do that kneading thing they do on my feet instead of on my stomach.

On the flip side I had a couple of great moments.

1. I got off work in the morning at a decent time. Hurray! I was able to go home and get a nap.

2. I had raspberries with my lunch. They taste wonderful.

3. And I get to go out to dinner with some really awesome friends this evening.

I guess the great moments make up for the disappointments. Those things probably won't happen anyway, but I can always hope can't I?

And here are some really cool Beatles items I want today.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Hand Painted Plates Set of the Fab Four


I love thes plates! These plates are handpainted with a picture of each Beatle on one plate. Four decorative salad plates. They are available through Debbielsadopted's shop on etsy.

Beatles Cartoon Sgt Peppers "Under My Umbrella"

And this painting of The Beatles is fantastic! It's available through artiste26's shop on zibbet. I love seeing them dancing with the umbrellas. She also has a blog that showcases some of her artwork. Check it out! http://designsbysandra8.blogspot.com/

Music to Blog by Today Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles

I hope everybody has a great day! And keep all the people touched by the recent storm in your thoughts and prayers.

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