Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Five Coolest Places I've Visited

Most people like to travel. And many people have had the opportunity to visit lots of cool places. Everybody has a list of favorites so I thought I would share the places I’ve visited that I thought were extremely cool.

5. Sun Records Studio
I visited Memphis, TN, a few years ago with a friend. We wanted to see Graceland, and I wanted to see Sun Records Studio. The great recording studio that in its heyday was the home of recording artists such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Ray Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis. In my opinion, Sun Records Studio was way more interesting than Graceland because there were so many more stories to hear about the different performers who recorded at the studio.

4. Salzburg, Austria
It’s a beautiful town in Austria that is surrounded by the Alps. And The Sound of Music was filmed there. And if you’re a classical music buff, the Mozartarium is located in Salzburg.
3. Duluth, MN
Yeah, I didn’t really visit there. I lived there as a child, but it’s this really scenic town in Northern, MN. It’s an extremely hilly area so you can look down on Lake Superior. But unless you really enjoy extremely cold weather, only visit there in the summer. It is unbelievably cold there in the winter.
2. Frank Lloyd Wright House Oak Park, IL
If you want to see some beautiful homes designed by one of the greatest American architects visit Oak Park, IL. You can visit the home Wright lived in while he lived in Oak Park. Plus within walking distance there are six homes and the Unity Temple which Wright designed. Most of the homes can only be viewed from outside, but it’s definitely worth walking through if you’re in Chicagoland.
1. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Yes, this is the real reason to go to Vegas if you ask me. It’s beautiful! It’s named Red Rock Canyon because the rocks are red. And if you’re lucky you might see a jackalope running around.
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