Thursday, November 29, 2012


I wish I could tell you that I am the Powerball this week, but I can’t. Okay, I didn’t even buy a ticket. But I still dream about what I would do with all of that money if I would have won. And I came up with a short list.

1.     Call into work rich! Wouldn’t it just be great to tell an employer, no you don’t get it I’m rich and I don’t have to work?

2.     Talk to a financial advisor. Yeah, I would probably need someone to tell me, no you don’t really have as much money as you think you do right now.

3.     Go to Ulta, and buy one of everything in the store. It would just be fine to have one of every make up and shampoo available to try. Then I could really say I’ve tried them all.

4.     Take a trip to someplace most people don’t go to. Yeah, everybody has gone to Vegas and New York, but how many people go to Iceland? Wouldn’t that be a conversation piece?

5.     And finally, randomly and anonymously mail out hundred dollar bills. Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine how people react to receiving that in the mail?

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