Saturday, November 17, 2012

Whatcha Been Readin?

Eternal Hunger (The Complete Novella Series)
I received a copy of Eternal Hunger (The Complete Novella Series) by Francene Carroll. The book starts out with Lucia at her bachelorette party. She is out with her friends at a club celebrating her last few days as a single woman, when a mysterious handsome stranger asks her to dance. And the stranger bites her on the neck. Lucia doesn’t realize how this event will affect her life. But soon she finds herself selling her soul to a vampire named Drake L’amour in exchange for immortality. Soon after accepts her new life as a vampire, Lucia realizes Drake left out a few details about vampires as he enticed Lucia to give up her ordinary life as a mortal. But she finds the most important thing he forgot to tell her was the emptiness of the vampire’s life.

As she makes her way through the vampire world, she finds that it is not so easy to give up all of her humanity. She abhors the hunts that many vampires enjoy, and she desperately wants to regain her mortal soul. She finds out about an evil plot by the Count, the vampire leader, to take over the human world and return it to the way it was before human’s advanced technologically. She also learns that there is a group of rebel vampires that are fighting this plot. And she decides she must be part of this group.

And during this journey she finds herself falling in love with Drake L’amour, the vampire who is responsible for this journey she is on.

I really liked this book because it brings to life the fact that life is all about the choices we make. No choice is without some sort of consequences. And that even though we may have made a bad choice, it doesn’t mean that bad choice has to rule our future behavior. So if you’re looking for a quick romantic read, check out Eternal Hunger. I liked it!
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And here are a couple of other vampire items I really like today.
VAMPIRE VENOM Solid Perfume with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E - .15oz Oval Tube (honey, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood)
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Vampire's Kiss  Lip Balm (Organic and Herbal)
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  1. I don't think I've read another vampire book since the Twilight saga, might be time to change that...

    And that solid perfume looks really really nice:D

  2. Sounds like an interesteing book.=)