Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weird Snow Facts I Learned Today

Weird Snow Facts I Learned Today

We had our second major snowfall today. Around an inch of snow fell. It wasn’t a major storm, but enough to cause life to slow down a little. But I learned a couple of things today.

The first thing is always read your snow removal contract if you’re a business owner. I learned this after I heard my supervisor say to the snow removal company “What do you mean you only plow after it snows an inch?” I automatically began to pray that I wasn’t given a shovel, and asked to begin shoveling the parking lot. It’s a big parking lot. Soon the supervisor was looking for a shovel. She went outside, and after about five minutes returned muttering about snow removal policies.

The second thing I learned is snow cleats have a left and right. I learned this as I saw someone come inside a store. She looked at her shoes, and said, “These things don’t feel right today. I wonder if these things have a left and right?” She pulled off the snow cleat, and looked at them. Sure enough they did have a right and left, and she had them on the wrong feet.

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