Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Did We With Our Spare Time Before Facebook Games?

I recently started playing Megapolis, and of course I’m hooked.  It’s like so many of the other games on facebook, but it is different. It revolves around building a city of course. I guess it feeds into my dreams of building my own city. I can build a city without any real responsibility that comes with running a city in real life. Maybe that’s part of the reason games on facebook are so popular. Or maybe it’s just because the games are fun.

When I started playing Megapolis, I actually read the rules. Yeah, I know, you should always read the rules, but somehow it’s fun to muddle through a game. Anyway, I visited, the beginner’s page Megapolis' Beginner guide

That made playing the game so much easier.  I usually just muddle through a game. And then I found It has a complete list of all of the quests that I need to complete. There is also information on bugs in the game, and ways to fix the bugs.

But the quickgamer site also has information on other social media games including Criminal Case, Coasterville, Marketland, and Village Life.  The information for each game is easy to locate, and it’s easy to understand. The site isn’t overloaded with information so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed. But I was able to find what I needed to make my experience with Megapolis more entertaining. So if you’re playing Criminal Case, Coasterville, Maketland, Village Life, or Megapolis visit

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