Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whatcha Been Reading?

Usually when I ask this I tell you about the books I've been reading. But today I decided to tell you about the blogs I've been reading. I've been reading a lot of them. And it was really difficult to choose a few for this posting. But these are a few of my current favorites.

1. A Beautiful Mess is a blog a lot of people read. And if you don't you should. It's put out by Emma and Louise, and the ladies have put out a well balanced blog. They discuss their business, diy crafts, photography, cooking, fashion, and life in general. It's a great read. They have really focused on quality. And it has paid off for them.

2. Jelly Bones is put out by Trish. I think the header on her blog is what initially attracted me to the blog. She's leaning out a window, waving, and smiling. It just seemed so welcoming and fun. And her blog is fun. She loves music, food, drinks, and crafts. And the girl has a sense of humor similar to mine. I am always glad that I have read her blog.

3. Mes Memos is photoblog by Nory. She's a 15 year old girl living in Budapest. In the about section of her blog she states that she is an ordinary girl. But I think she is a little more than ordinary. First of all she posts to her blog consistently. She loves photography! And her pictures are great. A lot of the photos are of her outfits, because another one of her interests is fashion. These photos are always great, and she has a really cute sense of style. But her photos of the world around her, and the places she travels to are excellent. She opens up a different part of the world to people who live far away.

4. Nautical Owl is a blog I just started reading. And I'm glad I did. She posts about the new items in her etsy shop. She creates wonderful items through woodburning. And she shows the process she uses when she is making an item. She also tells about her life. I really enjoyed her post about the 10 day liquid diet she completed. It sounded like a cleansing, and boy did it work for her. Check it out I don't think you'll be disappointed in the blog.

5. Paper Crafts & Altered Art is a blog by Terrie. Terrie love paper crafts, and the cards she makes are so sweet. She also sells vintage lace, and the cards she makes. Terrie holds a special place in my blog heart because she was actually my very first follower! She beat my dad and my brother to the punch. And her blog always makes me want to go make something.

So head on over and give these ladies a read. You won't be disappointed in what you see.

Music to blog by A Little Bird Told Me by Evelyn Knight and The Stardusters

Monday, February 25, 2013

French Twist

With the Oscars last night I decided that I wanted to try a little something more glamorous with my hair. It’s long and straight, and I really probably need a haircut, but I thought what the heck, let’s do something different. So I settled on a French twist. I’ve not always had the best of luck with this hairstyle. But I thought maybe this time is the trick. It did turn out pretty well after I found some good instructions on how to do it. So, here are some easy to follow instructions on a French twist.

Push all hair with your left hand to the right of your head, then anchor it firmly with bobby pins. With a brush, twist the hair on the right over the bobby pins, twisting it upward with your chin up or the hair will loosen. After it is twisted into place, anchor it with a hairpin at the crown. Now both hands are free.

Hold the roll and place hairpins (or bobby pins) in the direction shown in the drawing. Important: Since the hair is twisted upward pins must be placed downward.

Keep in mind these instructions are for a right handed person. If you’re a lefty reverse the instructions.

Music to blog Bob Robert’s Society Band by Jimmy Buffett

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

Bobaloo is my name and fetch is my game! I love to play fetch. Any time I can I grab one of my pet human’s pony tail holders. I drop them in front of my front human, and I wait patiently for her to throw them so I can bring them back. Sometimes for fun I put them out of her reach. This often frustrates her, and she tells me so. And I just wait for her to throw it. And you know what she usually does. Waiting is very difficult. I must always look my best while I am waiting for the throw. I must look at my human with loving eyes. And I must be very alert. But then the moment comes when I see her hand move. And it is flying through the air. And it lands. And I pounce on it. I have hunted down the ponytail holder.

My roommates tell me that fetch is a game for dogs. And that I should not lower myself to canine standards. But they do not understand that I am a lioness, and lionesses must hunt. There is no other game in the house so I must find something that I can hunt. This is all there is available. Sometimes it irritates me when they tell me to stop playing fetch. They have some nerve telling me what to do, so I simply drop the ponytail holder in the food bowl or the water bowl. This annoys them greatly. But I have shown them exactly who is in charge.

So if you decide to visit our home, guard your ponytail holders. I am always on the hunt for a new one, and I have my eye on yours.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Everyday Mysteries

Life is full of those little mysteries none of us understand. Here are a few mysteries I’ll never understand even though tons of people may have tried to explain them to me.

Why am I always famished within an hour of eating Chinese food.  This is a standard mystery on many people’s list. I believe a couple of people have tried to explain it to me, but I wasn’t satisfied with the explanations about too many carbs or not enough fat. I can’t even remember all of those explanations. All I know is I had orange chicken for lunch an hour ago, and I’m hungry again.

Why do the cats insist on drinking out of the toilet even though I just filled their bowl with fresh water? If I put the toilet lid down they redefine the meaning of hissy fit.

Why does it only take 10 minutes to change the oil in my car, but they always ask if I can leave my car there for the entire morning?  I mean even if I have an appointment they do that.

Why does a brand new pair of socks feel so much more comfortable than a worn pair? And why does a worn pair of jeans feel more comfortable than a brand new pair?  Shouldn’t it all work the same?

Please feel free to share the mysteries you have in your life today.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Beauty is in the Details

It was a truly beautiful day the other day. And I went out and took a few pictures. Here's how some of them turned out.

Let me know what you think of the pictures.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mmmm, Apricots

Greek Yogurt with Apricots

I wanted a simple healthy snack for the day. And this is what I decided on. It’s pretty easy, and it is really healthy! The yogurt made my bones happy they love calcium. The apricots alone contain 50% of the vitamin A I needed for the day. The honey helps boost my immune system. (Helpful hint, buy local! It’s just better for you!) Vanilla smells great and helps us relax, but studies are also indicating it helps fight cancer and Parkinson’s disease. And the almonds are the super nut. The list of their benefits is too long to go into at this time.

So let's get cooking!

Warm ¾ cup water and 1/3 cup of honey in a saucepan until the honey is dissolved. Add about a cup of dried apricots. (Rehydrating the dried apricots in honey will add extra flavor to the apricots.)  Cook until the apricots are soft. Stir in the vanilla. Give it time to cool. Put some yogurt in a dish. Add the apricots, and then garnish with almonds.
Now enjoy your tasty and healthy snack!
Music to Blog by Pixies Where is my Mind

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whatcha Been Reading?

It's been a while since I've talked about books, so here are couple that might peak some of people's interest.

Spades By Kristy Evans

SpadesCalise is a young lady, who has had a few problems in her life.  The biggest one is she hates living with her father and step-mother. But she found a way out. Through her new friend Chris and the group he belongs to. All of the members of the group have a mysterious spade tattoo that Calise wants to know more about. But the answers are not coming quickly. And there is a mysterious person telling her to “RUN”.

This is the second book in a series, and I really enjoyed reading it. The book focuses on Calise, who wants a change in her life, and she is willing to go to extremes to make them. The characters were diverse and interesting. And all of them decided to leave behind their old lives to create another. I really liked the fact that each of the characters is extremely hard working.

This book is classified as young adult. But that is mainly due to the fact that most of the characters are teenagers. The topics covered in the book could apply to any age group.
Secret Confession of a Clean Freak-How to have a really clean home without spending your weekends cleaning it by Carole Stannard-Pagan.
Product DetailsIf you are a wee bit unorganized like I am this book is one that you should check out. This book is full of information on how to clean, and organize your home! It even contains a checklist for daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning. It's just what I needed.
So does anyone have any real good book recommendations for me? Leave a note in the comments, and I'll look into them.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cucumber Melon Sparkling Water

Cucumber melon is usually a mixture you see in hand lotions, but Kroger’s has added it to their Simply Truth Sparkling Water.

I wasn't real sure about a cucumber melon sparkling water when I received it from bzzagent. But then I opened the bottle, and I took a sip. I thought hmmm, this is different. And as I continued to drink the cucumber melon sparkling water, I realized that I really liked what I was drinking. It wasn't overly sweet like many flavored water drinks. It was just the right amount of sweetness. And the cucumber in the drink gave it a slightly cool taste. It tasted refreshing.

The bottle this refreshing beverage came in was also attractive. It has a simple white background with water splashing over honeydew melon and cucumbers.  The drink comes in four flavors blood orange, blackberry pomegranate, cucumber melon, and pear peach.  So I plan to try another flavor when I visit my local Kroger’s store again.

The other great thing about these beverages is Simply Truth is a brand of organic foods.  There are no five syllable ingredients in this sparkling water.

So if you want to try something that isn’t your ordinary beverage, try Simply Truth’s Cucumber Melon Sparkling Water.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guest Blogger Captain

I’ve been a bad, bad boy this week. There was a temptation I couldn’t resist this week. I saw it sitting there, and I wanted it! Inside that container was a source of pleasure for me and all of my fellow felines. That container was the catnip container.

When I saw the container, I thought to myself, it’s within my reach. Maybe I should knock it down. So I did! For a split second I thought this may not be so good for human feline relations in this house. But I then thought who cares about the consequences, this is catnip! I then sank my teeth into the softest part of the container. After a couple of tries something absolutely wonderful occurred. The top of the container came off. I nudged the container, and there was more catnip available to me then I had ever seen before. It was all over the floor! Ohhh, what joy! I quickly began to nibble on the catnip.

And then I heard footsteps coming. The next thing I heard was “Captain, what did you do?” As you can imagine things went downhill from there. And human feline relations at our home are not at their best.  But it was all worth it! And I’ll do it again as soon as I can.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Things I’ve Really Appreciated This Week

I worked absolutely no split shifts at my job! That is so awesome! Life gets a little hectic when you have to work too many of those in a row.

My biggest problem this week was actually one of the cats. I can’t quite convince him that I am not a loaf of bread, and I don’t need to be kneaded.

I scored big when I went thrifting this week. Woohoo!

A friend of mine called and asked me if I wanted a VIP ticket to see The Blind Boys of Alabama. Free of Charge!

And I get to go to the Roller Derby tonight!

So it’s been a pretty awesome week for me so far. How has everybody else’s week gone?

And for all of my faithful readers there is a sale going on at Real Gone Cat Clothes just pick something out and put in the code wander to get 10% off all items.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pink Shoes

So this is what happens when you have a pair of extremely cool pink shoes, a camera, picassa 3, and a little bit of spare time.

I started out with something really simple a plain jane picture of some pretty pink shoes with beadwork.
Then I thought you can't see the detail work on these puppies! So this is where I went.
Then I thought maybe the picture seems too bright. And this is what happened.
And then I wondered what exactly sepia is?
And I don't know how I got this, but it looks kind of cool. Kind of like walking on sunshine!
So which picture do you like best?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Five Off-Beat Films for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if you’re planning a night out with your loved one, or if you’re planning to stay home for a quiet evening in, but here are five not so ordinary love stories for this day celebrating love.

Dr. Zhivago is an all-time classic. It begins in pre-revolutionary Russia, and it moves through the World War, and through the revolution itself. But the story is about a poet, and his true love. And how there are people in life who really will do anything to find the one they love. The movie’s theme is how love really is much more complicated than two people falling in love.

Surviving Hitler a Love Story is not your typical love story. First of all it’s a documentary. And for those of you, who are groaning at this point, keep reading. This really is a love story, and the fact that it is a true story makes it even better. It’s the story of a young girl and young man who meet in 1930’s Germany. The couple fall in love, write love letters, participate in the conspiracy to kill Hitler, and go to jail. And believe it or not there is a happy ending. If your sweetheart is a history buff, this one might just be the one for the two of you.

The Empire Strikes Back! Yes, I can work a Star Wars reference into any theme! As my friend Dean once put it once, “It’s a love story in space, what else can you ask for?” The great romantic scene of the movie is when Princess Leia sees Han frozen in carbonite. Remember the look on her face? How could anyone deny that this is a love story?

Pretty in Pink is the typical 80’s brat pack movie. Andie the working class girl and Blane the preppie boy are faced with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. But I’ve always thought the most romantic figure in the movie is actually Duckie.  When Duckie attacks Blane’s friend Steff because he is saying such awful things about Andie, it makes you think hey that’s the perfect friend. He defends his friend even though there is no way he could win a fight with Steff.

Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is one of those fun romantic movies. The pair runs away from Ireland full of dreams. They dream of obtaining land in Oklahoma. The movie like life is full of funny moments, and it is full of sad moments. But if you keep moving forward things always happen.


Music to Blog by Deep by The March Violets
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ever have a day when you just want to kick back, eat a good meal, read a book, and listen to some music? Ahhh, but what to listen to is always the problem.  I had this kind of day, and I found the Canadian artist Manteye on Soundcloud. He uses a lot of acoustic guitar so it’s perfect to relax to. But it’s not the type of music that will put you to sleep. It makes you want to reflect on what’s going on. It’s the music you might hear on Austin City Limits.

I really liked the song No Doubt. The song talks about life being beautiful. And no matter what path you take in life there’s no doubt we all get old. Ain’t that the truth!

The song Home Rough is home being where you are. I really enjoyed the acoustic guitar in this song. It gave the song a real folksy feel to me.

And then I came across a song called Long After John Lennon. Since I’m a Beatles fan, I had to listen. And I wasn’t disappointed in this tribute to John Lennon.  The song doesn’t focus on the happy moptop moments in his Beatles career, but it focuses on the impact he left on the musical world.
The Making of Long After John Lennon
by Manteye

The music of Manteye really suited my mood on a lazy afternoon. And I’ve added his music to my Lazy Afternoon playlist. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guest Blogger Smokey

I have a dream! I look out the window, and I see so many other felines. These felines are not looking their best. I believe with my superior grooming skills that I could turn these frightful sights into the fantastic felines they are meant to be.  I am a groomer extraordinaire! If I am allowed to roam the neighborhood, I would inform these creatures that I am the feline groomer of their dreams. Oh, imagine how all of them would look. My roommates dream about catching birds when they stare out the window, but mine is higher dream. My dream is to beautify the felines in the neighborhood. What better dream is there than to bring out the beauty in others.
Music to Blog By Big Beautiful and Blonde by Queen Latifah from Hairspray

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Unswept

Listening to music about surfing always makes me think of summer. So when I heard the song Surf Song, by The Unswept, a smile crossed my face. Surf Song is the title of the new EP the band has put out.

The duo consists of Ryan O’Brien and Charlie O’Brien. They are cousins, who are originally from England, but they now call Chicago home.  They attended university in London and played in a band. When that band broke up, they formed .

So now that you know a little about the band members you’re thinking what about the music right? The first thing I thought when I heard Surf Song was The Beach Boys.  The guitar work was similar to other surf music. And the lyrics of the song brought a vivid picture of a day at the beach.  It made me want to hear more of their music.
Surf Song 89 by The Unswept

The second song on the EP, She’s So Cool, is about a girl who is about an artist. You know the type of girl that makes all the other girls jealous. The song will make you want to sing along.

You’re Going Home is a song with a fast tempo. It’s one of those songs that sound fun and lighthearted, but when you listen to the lyrics you realize this is kind of sad. It’s kind of like someone who is putting on a happy face when they are feeling sad. The happy face is the fast fun melody, and the sadness is the lyrics.

And the final song Get Away reminded me of some of R.E.M’s songs. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly which one, but maybe it was the catchy melodies paired with lyrics telling someone to Get Away.

Overall, I really liked the feel of the music on this EP. I liked the catchiness of the music, and I liked that each of the songs made me want to get up and do something.

So hopefully, The Unswept will keep putting out more music, and maybe come to a venue near me so I can hear them play live.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Charming Gardeners

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom
Marcel Proust

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Huevos Rancheros

breakfast foodsDid you know that people who each breakfast on a regular basis are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight? Interesting huh? So, huevos rancheros is a fairly easy and healthy breakfast food for everyone. And it’s gluten-free, nut-free, and vegetarian. It’s a bonus for all those individuals with dietary restrictions. You all can eat this.

In a saucepan, heat some black beans and chipotle in adobo sauce. This is your side dish.

Then heat up a little olive oil in a skillet. Fry a corn tortilla in the oil for about 10 seconds on each side. Make sure you drain the excess oil from the tortilla when your finished cooking.

Then fry an egg in the oil.

Place the tortilla on a plate. Put the egg on the tortilla. Then add some salsa, freshly chopped green onions, chopped cilantro, sliced avocado, and shredded cheese.

Put a helping of the black beans on the side.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I saw Today

I went out for a walk today, and I saw this less than ordinary porch. I thought I would share some of what I saw.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Feline Prayer by Guest Blogger Bobaloo

I was recently viewing some videos online. And I came across The Red Green Show. This show had a peculiar ending all of the men got together and said this.

‘I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”

Now, why on earth would anyone say something so crazy? They called it The Man’s Prayer. But they have it all wrong. You never change because someone else wants you to. So I have come up with my own version of this prayer.

The Feline Prayer

I’m a cat; I won’t change, no matter how much you think I need to, that’s final.

That expresses the feline attitude, and those men on The Red Green Show should take a look at using something similar to this prayer.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ukeleke Day?

Today is the day so many people around the world have waited for. It’s National Ukelele Day. So here are some lesser known facts about this wonderful little stringed instrument.

While most of us think of Hawaii when we hear a ukelele, it actually has its origins in Portugal.
They only have four strings. It makes for easy playing.

 It means “jumping flea” in Hawaiian because the fingers can jump so fast when they play it.

George Harrison was a big ukelele fan, and he gave them away to his friends.

There are four different sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

So now you can share all of this knowledge with the rest of the world.
Cover of If I Had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies
by Mary-Anne and Russell

Friday, February 1, 2013


ContinuityContinuity Book Review

Continuity by C. Allen Brown

What happens when the way things have always been change? The way things were created suddenly changes. This is the problem that the Guardians are facing.  The number of Authentics, or everlasting human souls, has always been 3,137. But for some unknown reason more Authentics are being created.

The Guardians are able to create Suits, individuals with no soul. Suits look like everyone else, but they have a little bit of the Guardian who created in them. The question is what happens if too much of the Guardian is in the Suit? You wind up with what seems to be a new Messiah, who can heal other Suits. But when Suits are healed a little bit of the Guardian who created them dies and the end result is Guardians are dying.

I have to admit at first I wasn’t really sure what was going on in this book. And it wasn’t the bad kind of what’s going on, it was the kind of going on that made me want to read more about the characters. As the story unfolded, I decided that the story is really a love story with lots of action. The different characters displayed different versions of love. The book shows every version of love ranging from obsession to selfless love.  

The thing that I really liked about this book was that it showed how what seems to be a good thing, can turn into something really bad if it is not done for the right motives. I also liked how it pointed out how one simple act can bring about extreme situations.