Thursday, February 14, 2013

Five Off-Beat Films for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if you’re planning a night out with your loved one, or if you’re planning to stay home for a quiet evening in, but here are five not so ordinary love stories for this day celebrating love.

Dr. Zhivago is an all-time classic. It begins in pre-revolutionary Russia, and it moves through the World War, and through the revolution itself. But the story is about a poet, and his true love. And how there are people in life who really will do anything to find the one they love. The movie’s theme is how love really is much more complicated than two people falling in love.

Surviving Hitler a Love Story is not your typical love story. First of all it’s a documentary. And for those of you, who are groaning at this point, keep reading. This really is a love story, and the fact that it is a true story makes it even better. It’s the story of a young girl and young man who meet in 1930’s Germany. The couple fall in love, write love letters, participate in the conspiracy to kill Hitler, and go to jail. And believe it or not there is a happy ending. If your sweetheart is a history buff, this one might just be the one for the two of you.

The Empire Strikes Back! Yes, I can work a Star Wars reference into any theme! As my friend Dean once put it once, “It’s a love story in space, what else can you ask for?” The great romantic scene of the movie is when Princess Leia sees Han frozen in carbonite. Remember the look on her face? How could anyone deny that this is a love story?

Pretty in Pink is the typical 80’s brat pack movie. Andie the working class girl and Blane the preppie boy are faced with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. But I’ve always thought the most romantic figure in the movie is actually Duckie.  When Duckie attacks Blane’s friend Steff because he is saying such awful things about Andie, it makes you think hey that’s the perfect friend. He defends his friend even though there is no way he could win a fight with Steff.

Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is one of those fun romantic movies. The pair runs away from Ireland full of dreams. They dream of obtaining land in Oklahoma. The movie like life is full of funny moments, and it is full of sad moments. But if you keep moving forward things always happen.


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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Wow, those are some pretty off-beat love stories, and I haven't seen most of them! Thanks for sharing!

    Also thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! :)

  2. I seriously love Far and Away - I credit that movie for why I say "Spoons" with Irish accent.