Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ever have a day when you just want to kick back, eat a good meal, read a book, and listen to some music? Ahhh, but what to listen to is always the problem.  I had this kind of day, and I found the Canadian artist Manteye on Soundcloud. He uses a lot of acoustic guitar so it’s perfect to relax to. But it’s not the type of music that will put you to sleep. It makes you want to reflect on what’s going on. It’s the music you might hear on Austin City Limits.

I really liked the song No Doubt. The song talks about life being beautiful. And no matter what path you take in life there’s no doubt we all get old. Ain’t that the truth!

The song Home Rough is home being where you are. I really enjoyed the acoustic guitar in this song. It gave the song a real folksy feel to me.

And then I came across a song called Long After John Lennon. Since I’m a Beatles fan, I had to listen. And I wasn’t disappointed in this tribute to John Lennon.  The song doesn’t focus on the happy moptop moments in his Beatles career, but it focuses on the impact he left on the musical world.
The Making of Long After John Lennon
by Manteye

The music of Manteye really suited my mood on a lazy afternoon. And I’ve added his music to my Lazy Afternoon playlist. 


  1. going to check this out now, I love a good music find!
    new follower :)

  2. I'll have it check it out. I'm on soundcloud too!

  3. I have this problem almost ALL the time. I know I want some good music but can't think of anything to listen too. I'm totally going to check them out.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Redheaded Daybook