Saturday, April 27, 2013

Whatcha Been Watchin?

I’ve been watching some really great movies recently. So I thought I would share some of my recent favorites.

Millions is my absolute favorite movie I’ve watched recently. Imagine finding a bag full of money. Not just ones and fives, but a bag full of those big bills. It’s a dream come true right? But in the movie it’s a reality for two little boys. The story shows all the pitfalls of becoming instantly rich. It’s a sweet story that is great for families.

Monsieur Lazhar is the story of a teacher, who begins teaching a class whose previous teacher committed suicide in the student’s classroom. The movie shows how difficult it is for many teachers to deal with important issues their students are facing due to the administrative rules. And it shows what happens when even the most loved teacher doesn’t follow the rules.

Romantics Anonymous is a French film. This is the story of two individuals who share extreme anxiety disorders. But they both share a love of chocolate. Jean-Rene owns a struggling chocolate company, and Angelique is an unknown chocolatier. When Angelique begins working for Jean-Rene, both individuals begin to look for ways to overcome their anxiety. It’s a nice light love story that is fun to watch. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Long Walk Home stars Whoopie Goldberg, and Sissy Spacek. This movie takes places during the bus boycott during the 1950’s.  The story is about a maid and her wealthy employer. It shows how the bus boycott affected the entire community and the relationships between employer and employee during that time frame. But most importantly it shows how sometimes good people are faced with situations that they don’t like, and they have to decide if they will go with the flow or walk a lonely path. Watch the movie if you want something that will make you think a little.

Hitler’s Children is a BBC documentary about the descendants of Nazi War Criminals. Ever hear that saying the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons? This documentary proves that this statement is true. The story focuses in on four of the children and grandchildren of four different men who committed atrocities during the holocaust.  It shows how they have dealt with the guilt they live with due to their ancestors crimes. And it explores some of the inner conflicts these families have faced when they are confronted with the truth of the crimes. If you want to explore how you actions may affect your children watch this documentary.
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