Sunday, July 28, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

I can’t stand it when someone closes a door, and I can’t enter the room as I please. This is not how things should be.  I should be free to roam my house as I want, and I should be welcome in any room whenever I please. It doesn’t matter if I come in a room, and then exit immediately after entering. And then I change my mind and re-enter the room again. It’s a girl’s prerogative to change her mind isn’t it? If I come across a closed door, the first thing I do is push on it to open it. If this doesn’t work I immediately put my paw underneath it and let the person in that room know that they should open the door for me. And if this isn’t successful, I pull out the greatest weapon I have. I cry! I a feline, and when I need to I can put up quite a raucous. And I’m not a quitter either. This is usually effective. So if any of my fellow felines have problems with humans attempting to shut them out of room I suggest you attempt these methods to get that closed door open.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Elephants

In a zoo long long ago (the 1970’s), in a land far far away (Duluth, MN) our school took a trip to the zoo. We were all in our hats and gloves because it is cold most of the school year in that land far far away. During this visit one of my classmates reached in between the bars of the cage with his gloved hand toward a large gray animal with the biggest nose I ever saw in my life. The animal promptly stretched out its long nose and grabbed my classmate’s glove, and it wouldn’t let go. My classmate soon began screaming. And so the animal let go of his hand.

This was my first introduction to a live elephant. I’ve always thought it was an interesting introduction, and I’ve always wondered what my classmate thinks of elephants now. I’ve also wondered what the elephant thought of the individual who reached out it, and then reacted so negatively when the elephant returned the favor.
I’m glad to know that zoos are no longer like they were in that long ago age, but I still wonder what elephants think of humans. It’s sad, but many individuals still kill these animals simply for their tusks. Even though these animals are protected by governments, there is an illegal trade for the ivory that comes from their tusks.

I wonder if the elephants think of efforts of individuals like Jim Nyamu. Jim walked 650 miles in Kenya to raise awareness about a program called Ivory Belongs to Elephants. Do you think they are happy about the success of the program has seen in decreasing elephant poaching from 5 elephants a month to 1 or 2? Or do they simply feel that all humans should be avoided because they are all like the poachers?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy Chocolate Orange Coconut Haystacks

It’s always great to have an easy candy recipe available, and these easy chocolate orange coconut haystacks are so simple. And more importantly they taste great. Here’s what you need to and how to make this easy candy recipe.

1 package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup sliced coconut
3 or 4 drops of orange flavoring
Melt the chocolate chips in a pan, and add the orange flavoring while the chocolate is melting.

Then mix in the coconut slices. Once it is mixed well. Take a spoon, and place spoonfuls of the mixture on wax paper. Then place them in the fridge or freezer to cool. Once they have cooled remove them from the wax paper and enjoy.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ice Cream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream Cones

Dear Mr. Menches:

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate your invention. It has brought so much pleasure into my life. I wonder if you knew exactly how happy your invention would make me when you introduced your ice cream cone at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair? I understand that there were others who made the claim on this invention, and that Italo Marchiony even received a patent for an device that was edible and had handles. But I believe that your cone made from a rolled waffle works much better. And the waffle is a far superior idea to the use of pita bread like some individuals in the Mid Easterners did. I wonder what the individuals who visited The Louisiana Purchase Exhibition at the fair said when they first saw your invention. Did you have to encourage people to try your ice cream cones? Or did people simply flock to your vending location. All of this is probably a roundabout way of saying thank you for inventing the ice cream cone.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Circle Painting DIY

I saw this painting that had circles on it. The painting was very simple. And I thought to myself, self I can do that. And it's something I'll actually finish. So I thought I would share it with you.

Start out with a blank canvas.

Now draw some circles of varying sizes on the canvas. And then use Elmer's glue to go over the circles.

Next choose some paint. And paint over the entire surface.

Cover with one or two more coats of paint until all of the white canvas no longer shows.
And you'll end up with something similar to this.

It's simple and decorative.

Let me know what you think of it, and if you have any ideas on how to make it better.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Guest Blogger Captain

Yes, I did it again. I got in trouble. I’m not sure exactly how to stay out of trouble, because it keeps coming my way.

 I mean it was string what was I supposed to do? It’s right up there with catnip and food. How is a feline supposed to resist that kind of temptation?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Other Colors

I was on youtube the other day, and I saw this video called Mes yeux bleus dans tes yeux noirs (My Blue Eyes) by The Other Colors. The Other Colors is a French electronic music band. Much of their music is a little bit experimental. And it reminds me of music that would have been played at a rave back in the day. And I think that is part of what caught my attention, I love how the band has taken a minimalistic approach to the song. They have repeated a phrase and used different electronic sounds to mix things up a little. The music is creative and so much different than the songs that we hear over and over on the radio.

My Blue Eyes by The Other Colors

And then there is that video. It starts out with that large blue eye, and you keep deeper into the eye. Then all of the sudden the process is being reversed. It kind of has that 60’s psychedelic feel to it.

Then I decided that I wanted to learn more about the band and its members. The Other Colors has two members: Marie Moor and Laurent Chambert. Both are seasoned musicians. Marie started out in the 80’s with new wave music. And Laurent has won awards for his electronic music composition. The two first began creating music together in 2007. Since then they have recorded three albums. So go check out their music on Spotify.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Whatcha Been Readin?

Here are a couple of the books I’ve been reading recently, and what I think of them.

Sam’s Story Book One by Amy D. Crusan-Kramer-This is the story of a 14 year old girl named Sam. Sam doesn’t really fit into her rural West Virginia town. She’s a tom-boy who loves baseball, and has dreams of leaving the town someday. She has one friend in town though, her boyfriend Phil.  Soon after Sam and Phil start dating Sam finds out she’s pregnant.
Sam lives with her grandmother, and Sam decides to keep her baby. Phil soon moves in with Sam and her grandmother due to his family not understanding that Phil wants to help Sam raise their baby. Sam and Phil begin putting a life together, but the people in their community don’t like the open mindedness of Sam’s grandmother. They threaten her grandmother, and a tragedy occurs and Sam is left alone.
Sam eventually decides that she doesn’t want to stay in West Virginia, and she moves to Atlanta. She moves in with a friend of her grandmother, but just as she begins to settle into life in Atlanta tragedy strikes again. And Sam must struggle to rebuild her life again.
I really liked this book. If you are looking for a book with a strong young female character, who has the odds against her, but somehow manages to survive, you will like this book. But keep in mind that Sam and her boyfriend are sexually active early in the book. So if this is something that you find inappropriate you may want to think before you read the book.

Cocktail Hour by Tara McTiernan
Meeting with friends for cocktails can be great, and it seems great to this group of friends. They always seem to have a good time, but little do they know that their friend Bianca doesn’t really have any of their best interests at heart. In fact she is plotting against most of them. Bianca already ran off with Chelsea’s husband just because she wanted his money and more importantly he was Chelsea’s husband. Goodhearted Chelsea just believes that Bianca lives by her heart instead of seeing what really happened. But now Bianca is tired of him, and decides that she really needs the new doctor in town as a husband. Her scheme involves becoming best friends with his wife Kate. And Kate does believe that Bianca is her new best friend. Lucie knows what Bianca was like in the past, but she gives her another chance as a friend. But she doesn’t know that Bianca told all of the other ladies at the cocktail hour that Lucie is a compulsive liar.  And Sharon instincts tell her that something isn’t quite right with Bianca. But she strikes up a friendship anyway. As the story unfolds the ladies find out just how dangerous Bianca can really be.
I loved this book. Bianca is a character that is interesting, but you hate her at the same time. Her deviousness eventually draws out the best in the other ladies in the book. The book is a little bit scary because it shows just how far some people will go to get what they want.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shredded Beef Tacos

Tacos are one of my favorite foods. They are so easy to make, and let's face it tacos taste great. But sometimes I want a little change from the usual tacos made out of ground beef, so here's a simple way to fix shredded beef for your taco filling.

Shredded Beef For Tacos

Brown 2-3 lbs of roast chunks along with a large chopped onion. Transfer into a slow cooker, and 2 chopped serrano chilies, 3 minced garlic cloves, some salt, and a cup of water. Cook for 6 to 8 hours.
Pull the meat apart with a fork, and serve with your favorite taco fixings.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

This week I’ve really been attracted to Shabby Chic items. So here’s my wish list for the week. Let me know what you think of the items, and be sure to visit some of the shops to see what else they have available.

Crocheted fingerless gloves linusmanus
Shabby Chic Charm Bracelet VintiqueJools
Shabby Chic Fairy Dress cutrag
Shabby Slouchy Purse TatteredDelicates
Shabby Chic Pink Bird Necklace vadjutka

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Big Shout Out to Vielma

I’m not really a fashionista. I love fashion, I love new clothes, but I wouldn’t say that my life revolves around it. But when I saw that the fashion line Vielma was using the 81 year old model Jenni Rhodes, I thought they deserved a big shout out. The fashion industry is beaten up all the time for its use of teenagers to model clothing. In my opinion they deserve most of the beatings they get since very few people look like the models we see in fashion magazines. So since there has been another move in the right direction in the fashion 
industry they deserve praise for it. They have recognized that true beauty does not depend on your age.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Thing That Have Made This Week Great

Thanks to the friend who listened to me when I needed to vent. You are the greatest.

Seeing the beautifully colored sky during a sunset. It was truly a work of art.

Tasting that Heath Ice Cream Bar, I love those, you know the ones that are covered with chocolate and little bits of heath bars. They are so yummy!

Feeling the cat reach out with his paw and touch my leg so that I will pet him. He’s just so loving and sweet. How can I not love him?

All of my faithful followers on this blog. You are all appreciated, and I love the comments you send my way.

What has made your week great?

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smokey's What If

Yes, I saw this picture the other day, and it got me thinking. What if? What if it’s true that I am the humans pet? Is this a valid fear? My roommates assure me that it can’t be true, but I am worried that I have been wrong all this time. And that I am a pet. I don’t think that I could bear the humiliation of being a pet. Please fellow felines tell me it isn’t true. Tell me that we are not really pets, but that we are the pet owners.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things I've Seen Recently

It's always good to take a look at the things around you, and here are a few of the things I've seen recently.

Knick Knacks

It's nice to know that there are other coffee houses besides Starbucks.

A rare moment of peace between Captain and Bobaloo

And hey this just looked interesting.

Let me know what you think of the pictures, and what have you seen lately?

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Mysteries of the Universe

There are certain mysteries in the universe, you know questions that really don't have an answer, or in some cases the answer doesn't really make much sense. Here are a few of the mysteries of the universe I've been thinking about recently.

Why is it I get what I want when I no longer want it? How can that happen? Three months ago I wanted something so bad I could taste it. I got it today, and it was like eh who cares?

How long did it take those women in the Victorian era to get dressed? I mean really those clothes were something, and it must have taken forever to get ready in the morning.

If we celebrate Christmas in December why can I purchase a Christmas tree at the store in July? Along with all the decorations that go on the tree.

If there are so many songs recorded each year why do I always here the same song over and over on the radio?

Let me know if you have answer to one of these mysteries, or do you have mysteries of your own to share?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cocoa Nut Truffle Balls

Who needs to buy truffles, when we can make them? Here's a simple recipe for truffles that is fairly healthy and it's a really simple recipe.

Here's what you need to start
1 cup cashews
1/3 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup cocoa cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup dried coconut

First soak the cashews for 20 minutes, and drain them. Now combine the cashews and the corn syrup in a food processor, and process until it's smooth. Add the cocoa and vanilla, and process it again. Now add the coconut and process it again. Allow the batter to rest for about 20 minutes. Next roll the batter into balls, and if you choose you can coat the balls in sesame seeds or coconut. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Want List

Here's a list of great geek items that I would love to have.

The Hobbit Pillow RoobyLane
Do Or Do Not CSSDesign
Firefly Necklace teaANDtentacles
Geek Themed Bow Tie ArtemisAndAriadne
Geek Cat Print iFUNmagine
Star Trek Blue Shirt Necklace landofrapture
Piranha Plant Sculpture OlechkaDesign

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whatcha Been Watching?

Here’s a few of the movies I’ve been watching recently.
A Home of Our Own What happens when a family with nothing but determination moves from Los Angeles to Idaho in the 1960’s? They build a home of their own. It’s just getting all of the items that are needed for the home when you have no money. This is a great movie based on a true life story. The movie stars Kathy Bates and Edward Furlong. And it shows how a family with nothing can work together to make a dream come true.

Day of the Falcon is an action packed adventure movie. It’s the story of a young Arab prince in the 1930’s. At the beginning of the move the young prince is sent off to live with his father’s enemy as a hostage to assure that the peace plan between the two men holds. The boy is studious, and he is not seen as a threat to anyone. But time shows that the young prince has many more skills than either his father or his father’s enemy imagine. This is a great movie for the entire family.

Kolya is a Czech film. When a cellist marries a woman to assist her with getting papers to stay in Czechoslavakia he gets a little more than he bargained for. He winds up with the woman’s little boy. The cellist has no desire to be the father to a child who doesn’t speak any Czech. But the cellist soon becomes attached to the young boy. The movie is excellent, but it’s a Czech movie so be prepared to read subtitles.

Midnight Cowboy is a classic movie about a young man who moves from Texas to New York City with dreams of becoming a hustler. When he gets to the city he finds out it’s a little more difficult to become a hustler than he thought. As things become more difficult he develops a friendship with another man who is sickly. The story shows just how difficult it can be to live on the streets of New York City.
Let me know what you’ve been watching.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Karing Card Club

I saw several blogs posting items from the Karing Card Club, and I wondered how do I get involved. So I visited Kreative Creationz to learn more about the exchange. I found that the exchange was very simple. All you had to do was sign up through the blog for the exchange.

About a week later I received the name of an individual that I would exchange a card with. The theme of the card needed to be courage. I received this beautiful handmade card from Kathryn at The Yellow Card.

This is the card that I received from Kathryn.

Thanks for the wonderful card Kathryn.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

This week has been so exciting. We had a house full of pet humans. And like all pet humans they stated how pretty I was, and that I was a good girl. They admired my skills at the game of fetch, and they stated how smart I was. I am much smarter than the boys. And it delighted me to hear a human recognize my intelligence. I rewarded their recognition of this by allowing them to pet me. When the humans began to show my roommates a little too much attention, I showed them who ran this household. I showed them how I kept everyone in line, by attacking Captain. I did not get quite the response I wanted with this, I was told I was a bad girl, and I was squirted with that awful water bottle. It didn’t matter. I waited until the water bottle was out of reach and showed the humans how I run the house again. Yes, there was also bliss. One of the humans brushed me. I love being groomed. And the human groomed forever, and he did it repeatedly. I thoroughly enjoyed the humans visit, and if it’s up to me I would love for those humans to return.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Geek Girl

I recently visited a website about upcoming events in the comic book world. As I was reading through the posts on the site, I realized that none of this is geared toward me. It’s all geared to the geek boy. But I’m a geek girl. So who is the geek girl? The geek girl is a female who actually enjoys reading a comic book. We know who the superheroes in the comic books are, and we have a favorite. The geek girl enjoys Star Wars or Star Trek. In fact the geek girl never has a problem putting together a costume at Halloween. The problem is which costume would be the best for the Halloween party she is attending? They may already have Vulcan ears tucked away in a drawer so they could dress as a member of the Star Trek crew, or they may have the perfect anime costume. The geek girl would love a Superman t-shirt as a gift, but she might like hers in pink instead of the traditional blue.
Geek girls come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. We come from all backgrounds, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We have been ignored by the geek world for far too long. We have been made to feel that we are the arm candy for our boyfriends who enjoy science fiction, and comic books. But that we really shouldn’t be taken too seriously because the boyfriends we accompany are the real fans, and we are just an extra. The geek boys are curious about the geek girls, but they aren’t sure how we fit into their world. It’s time for the geek world to pay attention to the geek girls.

So how do we get the attention and respect we deserve? Let the world know we exist. Don’t be afraid to let people know that your interests don’t just include the new outfit you purchased, but that new outfit may include an extremely BAZINGA spelled out using the periodic table. Don’t be afraid to let the world know that you really did enjoy seeing Iron Man III. It’s time for the geek girls in the world to let everyone know that it’s possible to be girly and be a geek.   

Friday, July 5, 2013

Groove Environment

It’s always fun to listen to bands that play cover songs isn’t it? You know those wedding bands that make us get up and dance at receptions. They play the songs we love at clubs. And they never really get the credit for the how great their music is. Groove Environment is one of those great wedding bands. They play all of those super fun songs that we love to dance to. Everything from Michael Jackson, The Pointer Sisters to Bruno Mars.  Bands like Groove Environment come in set up their equipment, and play their hearts out. They are part of what makes the special events in our lives more. So here’s to the wedding bands like Groove Environment who make the special occasions in our lives run just a little bit smoother because they play all the music we love.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Right Now

Right Now

I’m watching a movie called Kolya. It’s so cute.

I’m wondering why people hate dandelions so much. What did they do to anyone except entertain us all as children?

I hear people setting off fireworks in my neighborhood, and I’m feeling sorry for my cat Smokey who is afraid of the big noises. He’s hiding from the fireworks.

I’m thinking that I really should clean the house up a little bit more tonight. I’ve made progress, but not as much as I need to.

I’m wearing my tie die Paul McCartney t shirt. I love the colors in the shirt, and well it has Paul McCartney on it so it’s fantastic.

I’m feeling happy because two extremely good things happened yesterday.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Morning Attitude

I've always believed that it's important to start the week off with the appropriate attitude. The individuals who are close to you always pick up on your attitude quickly. But since most of you are not able to interact with me through any other means than cyberspace. I thought I would just post something about my attitude today.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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