Friday, July 5, 2013

Groove Environment

It’s always fun to listen to bands that play cover songs isn’t it? You know those wedding bands that make us get up and dance at receptions. They play the songs we love at clubs. And they never really get the credit for the how great their music is. Groove Environment is one of those great wedding bands. They play all of those super fun songs that we love to dance to. Everything from Michael Jackson, The Pointer Sisters to Bruno Mars.  Bands like Groove Environment come in set up their equipment, and play their hearts out. They are part of what makes the special events in our lives more. So here’s to the wedding bands like Groove Environment who make the special occasions in our lives run just a little bit smoother because they play all the music we love.


  1. My step-dad plays bass for this type of band! They're called the Boogie Boys. You're right, they are fun :p