Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Laslow Simplex's Music

Laslow Simplex is a musician who doesn’t fit into just one genre. And that’s one of the reasons I like his music. His music is a little bit country, a little bit folk, a little bit jazz, and a little bit old time.  And we all know that a mixture like that adds up to interesting music with a twist of fun.

As I listened to the song Never Going Back, I was reminded of a Johnny Cash song, and when I read a little more about the songwriter I wasn’t surprised to find that he is one of his influences. There’s something in the rhythm and lyrics. Okay pretty much everything about the song. Then I listened to Feel It in My Bones and I thought yeah, this is just a little jazzy. It’s a song that you would listen to late, late, late on a Saturday night. You know the ones you listen to as a great party is winding down.

Then I looked him up on youtube. And I was glad to find a list of videos by him. It was hard to pick a favorite out of the videos that he has available, but I think Missile in the Dark is my favorite. Why? I don’t know the catchy tune or is it because it has a line about cats? Who knows, but I do know that I like it!

You can learn more about him and his music by visiting his website. And when you visit make sure you go through the gallery of oddities it’s full of fun pictures.

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