Friday, November 15, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

I heard the song Another Day in Paradise by Don Arbor today, and I have to admit the song had me wishing for the warm days of spring and summer. The song had me thinking about days that I have spent at the beach just relaxing, without a care on my mind. It’s just what I needed to hear on this cloudy day in Indiana. Another Day in Paradise is the new single off of Don Arbor’s album Man on a Mission.

Some of the songs on the album have lyrics that encourage people to relax and enjoy life, like the song Life’s Too Short. While other songs like Obama Won, and If I Had a Son, He'd Look Like Trayvon, definitely have lyrics with political overtones. Don is definitely making a statement about his beliefs in those songs. But the melodies to the songs also make a statement. They are catchy melodies that you will want to sing along with. Many of the songs will make you want to dance when you hear them on the radio. All of these show that the artist wants his music to be a part of the listener’s everyday life, whether it be relaxing, or thinking about the bigger issues in life.

This is Don Arbor’s third Cd, and it is a two album set that includes new music, and some songs from previous releases. His video for the song Salam Pax won Grand Festival Award at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival in 2008. Man on a Mission is definitely a great album to listen to. So if you like music that is a little bit bluesy, a little bit popish, and a lot of listenable then you should really go to his website and listen to the music for yourself. 

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  1. Another day in paradise sounds great I like in paradise more or less