Sunday, November 17, 2013


When I heard the echo sound of a guitar in the intro to Rabbit’s Foot by BigBigGorilla my ears perked up. Then I heard the sweet voice of the lead singer, and I thought this sounds great why isn’t it on the radio? The song is all about moving past fear as we expose ourselves to others. So not only does Rabbit’s Foot have a great melody, it has great lyrics.

I listened to the next song on the playlist called Don’t Remember Me, and I am now officially a BigBigGorilla fan. Don’t Remember Me is an acapella piece. In my opinion it takes lots of guts for new performers to do a number acapella. They are depending completely on their vocal abilities, and the lyrics of the song. And let’s face it how often do acapella songs get airplay? But BigBigGorilla does a great job with this song. The harmonies are sweet, and the words are worth listening to.

So it was time to see what else I could learn about BigBigGorilla, and I was really glad to see on the bands facebook page that they are planning to release a cd with these two songs. The date hasn’t been announced, but it is definitely a release I hope will appear soon. 

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