Sunday, November 24, 2013

God of the Machine Dreamerica

We’ve all heard the complaints about how commercialized the music industry has become. I talk it about it quite it. How if bands don’t look and act a certain way they just don’t have the opportunity to make it big or make an impact in the music world. God of the Machine is a band has decided to return to what music really is all about. Creating something they believe, and having fun while they do it. They also believe in giving back to the world they live in.

And with their new release Dreamerica they are giving back to the world. With each itunes download of the song, they are donating 99 cents to cancer research. In a world of give me, give me, give me, that’s pretty awesome I think! So that’s one reason to check out the song, but the other reason is that the song sounds really good.

The melody of the song has a pop feel to it, it’s nice and easy to listen to. You know the type of song you can listen to cleaning the house, at a small gathering, or while you’re at work. But the lyrics aren’t necessarily light. They are about America, and it’s role in the world. It mentions the icons that have shaped the world, and that history is still being made.

I thought this was really interesting considering this is an Australian band. And it was also refreshing to hear a band from another country not condemning America, but reminding us of the things we have accomplished, and encouraging Americans to continue to lead the way into the future.

Listen to the clip, and see what you think of the song. And if you like it visit the itunes store and purchase the song. The money is definitely going to a good cause.

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  1. I have not heard the song before but I enjoyed it so thank you for sharing with us and how cool that they are an Australian band singing about America and donating to cancer research