Friday, November 1, 2013

Grace Revival

The band Grace Revival describes itself as a country pop band. And that description is fairly accurate. The band from Dayton, Ohio has been working hard at developing a following. They have played local events and festivals. It’s always been my opinion that these bands turn out to be the really good bands. They do the work that is needed to become really good artists. And Grace Revival is following this path. They have worked out cover songs like Baggage Claim by Miranda Lambert that please the crowds.

But they have also been writing their own songs. And they have spent time in the recording studio. The result of all this hard work is a new single called Since You Went Away. The song opens up with an acoustic guitar, followed by the lead singer, Jenna Snow, singing about how everything has started looking up since you went away. I have to say that I really liked the lyrics to this song. The song has a real hopeful tone, and the singer doesn’t feel sorry for herself. She states I’ll figure this all out. The lyrics are paired with a pretty melody that you won't forget. You can listen to the song as well as other songs by the band on bandpage. 

Grace Revival is a band that is committed to their music, and they are growing as musicians. So I’m sure that their hard work will result in many more singles and albums in the future.

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