Saturday, November 2, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

I love to listen to music! I love the music of the birds singing! And I love when my pet human sings. I have to admit that she not does sing quite as well as the sparrows outside my window, but I do enjoy her voice. So when she begins to sing my ears perk up. Then I look her way, and I do the happy cat circle turn. I have to let her know that she has my attention. Then I run towards the sweet music! I know that she is singing for me alone. She loves to see my happy dance. If my pet human is sitting, I then run to her. I look at her and then I jump into her lap. I circle around a couple of times more just to let her know how pleased I am with her serenade. Then I sit in her lap. I enjoy most songs that she sings, but here is my absolute favorite.

Do you enjoy hearing the sweet sounds of your pet human singing?


  1. lol that's one of my favorite big bang episodes!!!
    Let's sing it in a round.......priceless :)

  2. I like this post from your cat's point of view and I love that episode of BBT when Penny's all drugged up and wanting to sing soft kitty in a round......priceless :)

  3. This human sounds like she is either being murdered or trying to kill someone when she sings it is not nice and the local animals howl in fright