Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Evil Comb

My roommate shared her favorite song with her last week. I do enjoy music, but the greatest song in the world I have ever heard is the opening of a can. I immediately run to the kitchen when I hear the first note which is the click of the can opener digging into the can. I immediately begin to sing along with the can opener song as soon as I it’s grinding beat. I do a happy cat dance as that music plays. I do this when all cans are opened. I know that there is always something for me because everything in the world revolves around me. But for some reason my pet human does not believe that she should provide me with a sample of everything that is from a can. She often tells me it’s green beans you don’t like green beans. She doesn’t seem to understand that it is just polite after I have danced and sang for her to offer me something, and that it is my choice to turn my nose up at it.

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  1. haha I always wonder what on earth cats think. Nice interpretation ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog. x