Friday, November 8, 2013

I Read the News Today Oh Boy

I was really surprised today when I read the news story about the gentleman, who refused to take his song to McDonald’s and he was criticized for doing this. Apparently, the gentleman offered his child the choice of going to any restaurant, other than McDonald’s.  The child threw a fit, and the gentleman took his son home, which cut short his visitation with his son. The man is in the middle of a divorce, and custody battle. So a psychologist pronounced the man incapable of taking care of his son. Huh?

Now I don’t know this gentleman, or how he normally parents his child, but isn’t it just part of parenting to have to go through a temper tantrum when a child wants something and can’t get it? Aren’t parents supposed to set limits for their children? Aren’t parents supposed to give their children choices? Isn’t it considered bad parenting to give in to a child’s demands when he throws a temper tantrum?

Once again, I don’t know this man or if he is a good parent, but hasn’t every parent faced a similar situation? What do you all think does this make you wonder what the psychologist was thinking?

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