Thursday, November 28, 2013

John Lennon Inspired Gifts

I’m a huge fan of The Beatles, and if you’re a fan pretty much anything to do with The Beatles is a big hit as a gift. Global Rebel has a line of clothes inspired by John Lennon’s style that will be a hit for the guy in your family who is a John Lennon fan.

A Hard Day’s Night Cologne for Men

This cologne is for the guy who likes sweet scented colognes.

People for Peace Long Sleeved Shirt

Remember those really cool shirts that John Lennon wore with the epaulets? This shirt is just like one of them. It has People for Peace embroidered on the back of the shirt for extra pizzazz.

John Lennon New York City Tee Shirt

This shirt has New York City on framed in John Lennon’s face. It’s a way cool shirt in my opinion.

Black Friday - Cyber Week - Up To 50% Off - Use Code BLACK

There are loads of other John Lennon inspired items at Global Rebel, and if you use the word Black you can receive a 50% discount on many items. So head on over and check out their clothing collections.


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