Friday, November 29, 2013

No H8

My friend Jessica is an interesting person with many interests. She worked with me when I first started my blog with a giveaway from her Flairware Boutique, which is fabulous! She loves pin up clothing, the 50's in general, music, and she is passionate about immigration reform. She has agreed to do a guest post for me today. And I hope everyone will take a moment from doing all of their Christmas shopping, and read what she has to say.

Why do people who are not born citizens come to the United States in the first place?  Why would they come to this country not knowing the language? Why would they come to this country to leave their own homeland? Why would they leave their customs? Leave their traditions? Leave their way of life? Leaving every single thing they know? Why?

The American dream is just as alive today as it was when the term was coined.  The American dream consists of equality, democracy, and material prosperity, all wrapped up with a pretty bow and white picket fence.  You and I are no different from our ancestors. As each generation lives, their dream is the same: the quest for a better life than the previous generation.

But if we think about it, here is our fellow man coming from a different country without knowing the language, without knowing the laws, the politics, the system, the customs, the traditions, the way of life. It is all unknown territory. 

What do we have that they don’t have in their own country?

Immigration reform is a challenging topic. It is a topic that brings about a wrath like none other I have witnessed.  When we generalize, the common misconception is that all immigrants are Mexican. We fail to recognize that we are ALL immigrants that came from some place. Whether we like it or not, the truth is, is that we are all the product of our ancestors migrating to the motherland we call the land of the free for a legitimate reason. We don’t just move from place to place because we like to move.

This little girl deserves the future of her choosing.  And if that means to completely escape from everything she has ever known, so be it.  Trust me, there is a really good reason for it.

It is time to have a dialogue about comprehensive immigration reform.


  1. You make some very good points. We all immigrated from somewhere in our family history. I think those that do so illegally or cause problems give those who just want a better life a bad rap.

  2. We have a problem with people's attitudes in the UK too. It's insane. I have french, italian and scottish in my background (and probably others!). What is British/American?

  3. I agree with Katie it's those people who come illegally or cause problems that give us immigrants a bad rap.
    Lulu is correct too because I know first hand I live in the uk.

  4. Despite all of the problems our country faces, people from all over the world still come here, gambling that their future here will be better than their future in their homeland. It takes GUTS to come here. I wonder how many of us would leave and go somewhere else.

  5. We have a lot of similar issues here in the UK - people make such very sweeping statements. And it's very hard to have any sort of open debate around the issues.