Monday, December 9, 2013

Amy Crusan-Kramer

A few months ago I read a book called Sam's Story by Amy Crusan-Kramer. I really enjoyed the book, if you haven't had the opportunity to read it you should. Sam's Story is a series, and the second book in the series has been released. You should check that one out too! It's a lengthy book, but it's good.

Amy has agreed to do a guest post today, and hope that you all read and enjoy what has written. And be sure to check out her blog, facebook page, and pinterest page to learn more about her books.

Have you ever noticed that everyone in a family has their ‘role?’  Not something foisted upon them … they just seem to grow into it.  Well, that’s how my family felt, anyway.  I had the rebellious, always-in-trouble brother; the sister who was involved in everything and succeeded at everything; and the cool athletic successful sister.  I’m the youngest of four … I was in my mid-forties … and I still didn’t have a role.  I wasn’t a ‘joiner’ in school, never had a lot of friends, I didn’t really enjoy school but got average grades and played in the band … but I never excelled at anything.  I hated family get-togethers, and feared that other family members saw me as the slightly-odd relative that preferred the company of her pets and books to most people.

There was only one thing that I thought probably set me apart … but I was too embarrassed to share it with anyone.  My imagination knew no bounds, and I seemingly always had a story going on in my head.  Virtually anything could set a story to racing:  characters in a television show or movie, real people in the news or even a stranger I’d observed while shopping or dining out.  Once started, I could go for weeks, imagining where their lives might take them … until someone new caught my attention and I was off and running with a their story.  My father died in an accident when I was twelve and I subsequently found myself in therapy (which probably saved my life).  In one session, I tentatively hinted at the hidden world going on in my head.  My therapist responded, “Oh, Amy, you have quite the imagination!”  She didn’t say it judgmentally, but, at that age, I was so vulnerable and afraid of being different, I didn’t tell her any more.  I wondered if I was crazy, but those ‘stories’ in my head provided escape and, in a strange way, comfort.

In 2009 three things happened:  1. My ancient desktop computer breathed its last breath, and I decided the replacement should be a laptop.  I splurged at the recommendations of everyone I knew who owned an Apple product, and purchased a MacBook Pro.  2.  The 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama and Joe Biden had captured my imagination … and, in my mind, I had a story brewing.  3.  I commute two hours each day on a train to work.  These three incidents created the perfect storm … I’ve got this story, I’ve got a portable computer and I’ve got the time.  “Amy!  Write this story down!”  And that’s how Sam’s Story came to be.

The moment I began typing the “Prologue,” something burst inside of me, and there were times that my fingers couldn’t type fast enough!  What does Oprah call it?  An a-ha moment?  Well, that’s what it was … and what I was doing felt so right, it almost brought tears to my eyes.  Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t all peaches and cream.  There were things so painful to write that I had to set it aside for a couple days … and, after one emotionally draining section, a few weeks.  I realized that I was working through many of my own demons as I documented Sam’s life, and sometimes needed a break from the emotions that I’d kept pent-up for so long.  We’re not the same person, Sam and I, but we share many aspects of our personality and experiences.  People who know me, see some of the obvious similarities.  But there are some things that only Sam and I know we share … and that’s okay for now.

I will be turning fifty in 2014 … and I’ve finally found my niche!  I’m a writer!  I will be eternally grateful to Samantha Skylar for helping me make that discovery!

Amy D. Crusan-Kramer
December 7, 2013


  1. Hey Amy! Your books are great! So glad you've found your niche!

  2. I love hearing stories about how authors got to writing and their childhood. It takes a lot of courage to write.