Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bobaloo's Christmas Tree

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

Yes, it is Christmas time, and that means the Christmas tree has been put up and decorated. I love the Christmas tree. In fact I love the entire process of putting up the tree from beginning to end. First we get to go into the basement, and dig out the tree. This is so much fun. My pet human began moving around boxes in the basement. This creates a lot of new space for me to explore. I just have to see what is behind those boxes.

The next step is also exciting we begin moving the boxes upstairs. I of course must supervise this process. As the box with the tree in it is drug up the steps, I walk next to my pet human. I tell her not to drop anything, and her response is ‘Get out of the way’. So I scamper up the steps a little bit ahead of her. I cannot wait to get into that box.

The box is finally in the living room. It’s right there. I look at my pet human, to see what she is going to do. I tell her ‘What are you waiting for, open the box!’ And like a good pet she does as I command. The box is full of strange items that look like parts of a tree. She begins to pull them out. I must inspect each item she pulls out. They don’t smell like a tree though, they smell like the basement. I walk around the items carefully as my pet human begins to place each of those branches on a pole. Before you know it we a fake tree in our living room. I immediately run under the tree, and look for a place that I can perch myself in the tree.

But I have to put this thought aside for a moment because we are going back to the basement. I wonder what we are looking for now. Soon another box is brought upstairs what could be in it I wonder. When the box is opened, I take a closer look, and my heart leaps with delight. There are so many shiny objects in the box I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true. And my pet human begins putting the items on the tree.
When she isn’t looking, I jump into the box. And I find a stuffed gingerbread man. I love it! It fits in my mouth, and I carry it away. It is just the size of those birds that are outside of my window. So I am able to toss it into the air and of course bite its neck just like I would do to those birds if the opportunity arose.
But then I remembered, I was supposed to find a place to sit in that tree. I quickly ran over to the tree, and I spotted the perfect spot. And my pet human exclaimed ‘Don’t climb the tree!’ I thought I can go with the flow on this one. I’ll just do it when she is out of the house.

The next day my pet human leaves the house. I usually don’t like it when my pet leaves me, but that day I was excited. It was my opportunity to get into that tree. I ran to the tree, I do have to admit that it looks beautiful. I spotted my place where I could sit. I jumped into the tree, but something went a little wrong. This wasn’t like the trees I climbed in my youth. It began to move forward and before you know it. The tree hit the ground. I was startled! All of the shiny decorations that were on the tree were lying on the floor next to the tree. And my dream of sitting in a tree was gone.

So I did what any cat would do. I began playing with the shiny balls on the floor. It was great fun, and my roommates even joined in. We played and played, and soon I felt tired. So it was time for a catnap. I found a cozy spot in the middle of the tree that was now lying on the floor. And I started to dream about all of the play I had done that day.

Then came the second time in the day when things went all wrong. My pet human arrived home, I greeted her at the door as usual, and I began to tell her about my adventures. She entered the living room, and she was not using the happy voice she usually uses when she returns home. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was upsetting. She was not being polite, and in fact some of what she said was just a little rude.

She went over to the tree and stood it up. And the tree decorating began all over again. And all of my fellow felines know what that means, as soon as my pet human leaves the house again, I can make another attempt to climb that Christmas Tree.

Fellow felines I would love to hear about your Christmas tree adventures so feel free to share them below.


  1. Hi Heidi. I have to go down to my basement to get all my Christmas decorations too. Here is my Christmas Tree. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Holiday to you!:)

  2. Because why else would we bring a big tree into the house but as a giant kitty toy!!

  3. Oh Bobaloo fake trees are not for climbing they are for looking at and all the pretty balls are also for looking at not playing with............

  4. This makes me smile. I think my kittens have the same idea for our tree :)

    merry Christmas!

  5. LOL I bet this is a great time of year for the felines of the world. :) Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  6. Haha, this is sooo true!
    Thanks for linking up your funny story with Big Christmas Link Party ! :)