Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Quest for the Ultimate Hot Dog

Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie are all part of what it means to be an American. Well it’s not baseball season, and well there are loads of apple pie recipes on the internet, but does the internet tell you where you can find the Ultimate Hot Dog.  So over the next few months, I’ve decided to seek out that Ultimate Hot Dog. Is it at a stand? Or is it at a local ball park? I don’t know, but I do know I want to find it.

The first hot dog joint I visited on this quest is Coney Express. It’s located in Southgate Plaza in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Coney Express is less than a mile from my house, so when I have a craving for Coney Dog’s it’s a joint that I visit often.

This is a drive thru coney dog joint. It offers hot dogs in the usual coney dog fashion. The chili cheese fries are great when you pair it with your coney dog that consists of coney sauce, onions, and mustard. And if you’re not in the mood for a dog, the join has some great nachos at a really low cost. They are packed with meat, lettuce and of course onions.

I have to admit I really like this joint. It has stuck with the south side of Fort Wayne through thick and thin. So if you’re out near Southgate Plaza and you’re hankering for a dog. Coney Express will probably meet your need.

Do they serve the Ultimate Hot Dog? Well so far in my quest it is the ultimate because it’s the only one. Their dogs are pretty good, but is there a better one available? You’ll have to wait and see where the quest leads us. And if you think you know where the ultimate hot dog can be found, let me know, if I can I’ll test it out and share my opinion with the rest of the world.

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  1. The Ultimate Hot Dog in Tampa, FL is at - they've been around since 1973.

    Enjoy your quest!
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