Monday, March 31, 2014

Curried Mushrooms in Cheese Wrap

I really like mushrooms, they can be used in so many different ways and they are pretty inexpensive. Curried mushrooms in cheese are a different twist on mushrooms that can be used as an accompaniment to meat, as a spread or dip. In this case I used it to make a wrap.

Here’s what you need

1 large flour tortilla
2 tablespoons butter
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
1 medium onion finely chopped
3 tablespoons finely chopped green pepper
3 cups finely chopped mushrooms
6 tablespoons softened cream cheese
1 ½ teaspoons curry powder
Freshly ground pepper
Sea Salt to taste

In a skillet heat the butter, add the garlic, onion, green pepper, and mushrooms. Sauté for a few minutes. Then stir in the cream cheese, stir until the all the items are combined. Now add the curry, pepper and salt.

Once it is thoroughly combined, spread the mushrooms on your tortilla, and roll your tortilla up.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zac Poor's Music

Imagine you’re a musician and your dream comes true. You get a contract with a major record label. You start working hard with the label, and then your dream goes all wrong. For some reason you leave the record label after a short period of time. Do you give up on your dream? No! You simply change your strategy. That’s what happened to Zac Poor, and today we’re going to take a listen to Zac Poor’s music.

Zac’s song She Believes In Love is a great pop song. Zac has a sweet voice, and the song is mixed really well. The lyrics to the song are all about a girl who regardless of everything believes that love is real. It’s a nice song because so many songs are about individuals who have become jaded and no longer believe in that good things can happen in life. This song would fit in well with the songs that receive air play on pop radio stations.

Zac is not only working on a new album. He is writing songs for other artists such as the Australian singer Samantha Jade. Zac’s talent is definitely in the pop realm, and I look forward to see what he has to offer as a performer, and as a songwriter.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things In Between

Jon Yoon is a musician who happens to play my current favorite instrument, the ukulele. And everybody knows you can’t be sad if you listen to a ukulele. Jon has a new release called Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things In Between.

The first song on the release is called Pretty White Lies, and the melody to the song is so pretty. The song reminded of how there are things about individuals that they share with us that we know aren’t really the truth, but we want to believe that it is the truth about them.

The song Pumpkin Spice Latte is about the memories of a relationship that has ended, and it has a line that I absolutely love. Seasonal drinks aren’t meant to last. Isn’t that the truth everything has a time and season. And maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about change so much recently, that the line jumped out at me

Jon’s music is relaxing to listen to, and it is great for times when you are feeling just a little bit reflective. And I love that he has chosen the ukulele as his primary instrument. It shows that he isn’t afraid to be a little different from the rest of the music world. And I like that! So go over to his website and listen to his music. And while you’re there make sure to sign up for his mailing list so that you can keep up with where he is playing, as well as any new music he is creating.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Sweet Tooth's Delights

I have a sweet tooth, a really big sweet tooth. If I went to the doctor and he told me I was diabetic, I would scream. And my expression would be like this.

Can I live without sweets, yes I can. Do I want to live without sweets, absolutely not?

So what sugar laden items do I love?

Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

Just ask my friend Gloria over at Edge of Gloria what life is like when I really want a Little Debbie Swiss Roll. It can be a challenge.

Happy Hippo Biscuits

These are a delight! Someone sent me one as part of an exchange once, and I am hooked.  They aren’t easy to find here in the States, but my oh my they are tasty!

Chocolate Frosting

Yes, I like cake, but it’s the frosting I love. As my friend Val put it, why waste time with the cake it’s the frosting that tastes great. Val you hit the nail on the head.

DeBrand’s Chocolate

If you haven’t experienced DeBrand’s chocolate you should.  Their raspberry truffles are amazing, you can go to their shop online to check it out, and if you are ever in Fort Wayne, go to there and get a Chocolate Sundae you won’t be disappointed.

So now you know some of my favorites what are your favorite sweets?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How I Became a Shonen Knife Fan

It’s always interesting to see how we become fans of bands, and the music they perform. So this is how I became a fan of Shonen Knife.

This is my friend Doug. It’s a flattering picture of him isn’t it?

One day we were doing this. (Sitting in the car)

We were talking, because that’s what you do when you sitting in a car with someone, and he asked me if I ever heard of a band called Shonen Knife.

Shonen Knife

I tell him no, and he tells me your gonna love them. He  explains that they are a Japanese pop punk band. And he puts this cd into the player.

And this is some of the music I heard.

Now, I began to bounce around because how can you not bounce around to that song? It’s just got that beach pop sound with a hard edge.

And from that day forward I’ve been a Shonen Knife fan. Their music brings back great memories, and it’s so much fun to listen to.

So now you know how I became a fan of Shone Knife, how did you become a fan of some of the bands you listen to?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

That’s Not Going To Work

Have you ever had the times when someone insists that you do something, and you know in your heart of hearts that’s not going to work. Everything in your body and soul says if you handle things the way someone is telling you to, it’s just not going to be good for you.

So how do you handle those situations? This is what I’ve found to work.

First, don’t be afraid to say no.

Saying no to someone when they are asking you to do something that you know isn’t going to work isn’t wrong. It shows that you can set limits. Remember, you are setting limits in your life so the person you say no to, might get a little angry. That doesn’t mean you are wrong or that you have done something wrong. It’s okay to say no!

Second, Stay Calm and State On

This is important, stay calm. Don’t argue with the individual. Simply say no, I can’t do that, and state why. Make sure that you don’t give a lengthy explanation. This is not an argument. You are setting your limits, and stating why.

Third, Offer Alternatives

It is fine to state I cannot do this, but I am willing to do this. Often individuals may not have thought of the solution you offer so they will be happy. Keep in mind just as many people will not be happy with your alternative. At this point shut up. It’s not going to do any good to discuss any further.

Lastly, Don’t Regret Your Decision

If you know you’re right. Then you’re right. That’s confidence. Rehashing your decision will only make life more difficult. Remember, if something is telling you shouldn’t do something that way there is a reason, listen to yourself. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

If I Could Talk With the Animals

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up and be like Dr. Doolittle? If I could talk with the animals, what would they say? What would your pet tell you, and what would the other creatures on the planet have to say? Would they offer us advice, or would they make some demands? This is what I believe some of the animals would say.

My house cats would definitely say where is the Friskies Mixed Grill pate? We’re tired of this kibble.

Of course what would the fox say, I believe that a male fox would give the fathers in the group a few words of advice. And he would say, be attentive, and take care of your family.

The goldfish would definitely ask if you could get people to stop staring at him.

The penguin would tell us you don’t really need words to get your point across sometimes a good side ways look will get your point across.

And finally the giraffe might remind us that it is always important to show your love to those who have been part of your life.

What do you think the animals would have to say to us?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Raw Fruit Berry Drink

Raw food diets are all the rage. And most of the foods are easy to prepare. But they often require a lot of cutting and chopping. Here’s a simple raw fruit berry drink that tastes fantastic.

Health Drinks

Here’s What You Need

Coconut Water

Get a glass or jar with a lid
I got mine at the dollar store. I liked it because it had a straw that came with the jar.

Fill one third of the jar with blackberries, then strawberries and then raspberries. Now fill the jar with coconut water. Let it sit in the fridge overnight. The drink is naturally sweet and oh so tasty!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who Is The Geek Girl Crushing On?

Oh, yes, we all have those individuals that we crush on, but who does a geek girl crush on? After conversations with friends here are some of the popular geek girl crushes.

Jean Luc Picard

Yes, he’s older, he’s more mature than many of the captains. He looks good in his uniform, and he has a great accent. He’s one of person that geek girls love.


Yes, believe it or not there are those girls that fantasize about stormtroopers. I’ve never understood it, but they do. Is it the buns of plastic? Or is it because they are just so good at following orders? Who knows?

Harry Potter

Yes, younger girls spent time crushing on our favorite wizard in training. He’s cute, he’s sweet, and well he is the hero of the story.

Dr. Who

Are there are so many choices, if you don’t like the current Dr. Who there is always another one to replace him. Dr. Who is a little mysterious, and he is sure to offer you an adventure.


Most geeks love Superman, for me it’s the fact that he goes through his everyday life without anyone knowing the person he really is. It shows that behind every nerd there can be a Superman.

Let me know who you're crushing on!

Friday, March 21, 2014


Since spring has finally arrived I thought I would share something that reflections my mood for the day! It's finally warm here in Indiana.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Heidi Recipe

Have ever sat down and thought about what would be needed if someone wanted to duplicate you? What is the unique mix of traits that make you different from everybody else on the planet? What is the recipe that makes you special? Here is what I believe the Heidi recipe is.

Here’s what you need

1 part quirky
1 part goofy
1 part kindness
1 part forgetfulness
1 part let’s see what’s out there
1 why do it now?
1 part isn’t life great?
1 part geek

Now stir it all up and you end up with Heidi.

What are the ingredients that make you special?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sushi Easter Basket

Easter will be here, and we will all need items for the basket. Why not create an Easter Basket Sushi? Yes, we all know a few sushi lovers that might just go a little gaga over this.

The centerpiece of this masterpiece will be Peeps Sushi. Yes, it’s been posted on several sites so I don’t know who to give the credit to for the idea, but whoever it is thank you. The great thing about it is it’s so easy to make, and of course it tastes great!
Sushi Easter Basket

What you’ll need

Fruit Roll ups
Rice Krispie Treats
A knife
Kitchen Scissors

Now, cut some different shape out of your rice krispie treats, I did circles and rectangles. Next cut your roll ups into strips about ¾ of an inch wide.  Cut some of the heads of your peeps and leave some of them 
whole. Wrap the fruit roll up strip around the edges of the rice krispie treat. Place your peeps on top of the rice krispie treats. If you are adding a whole peep to the top use a roll up to make the peep stay in place.

Here are some ideas for other things you can add to your basket:

Chopsticks to eat the sushi with
Small Kawaii toys go to etsy they have a great supply.
An anime book or dvd if you’re give the basket to a child be sure it is age appropriate.
Japanese candy you can pick up small packages at your local Asian food market.

All of these things will make a fun and unique gift basket.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Erin Go Braugh

Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are under way. And Erin go Bragh is the phrase for the day.  But what do we know about St. Patrick’s Day? So here a little bit of trivia for the day.

Erin go Bragh the phrase for the day means Ireland forever.

Saint Patrick wasn’t actually Irish he was from the British Isles.

Saint Patrick’s Day parades aren’t really an Irish tradition, it’s all began in Boston.

Corn beef and cabbage is not the original traditional meal of Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s actually bacon and cabbage.

The feast of Saint Patrick has been celebrated in Ireland since the ninth or 10th century. That’s a lot of celebrating.

Because of the large groups of individuals with Irish heritage, Saint Patrick’s parades in the early 1900’s became must attend events for political hopefuls.

Blue was actually the color that was actually the color that was associated with St. Patrick. But green is now associated with the celebrations due to Ireland’s emerald green fields.

March 17th is believed to be the day that Saint Patrick died.

Shamrocks were considered sacred plants in ancient Ireland.

And it is estimated that 15 million Saint Patrick’s Day cards are sold each year. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

If You Leave Me Now

Remember that song by Chicago oh so many years ago If You Leave Me Now? The song is all about how we feel if someone threatens to leave us. Oh how difficult endings can be. If you are anything like me you wrestle with the what should I do question? I repeatedly ask yourself what if this is the wrong decision? And I am wrestling with that question right now. There is a chance for a change in my life. And it’s not easy to make the decision.

So here are some of the ways that I make a decision in life.

Make a list of pros and cons.

One side of the list will probably be larger than the other. Keep in mind this list is simply a starting point. Don’t say to yourself there are too many cons to this I shouldn’t do it or vice versa. This list will simply help you identify problems that may arise from the possible change in your life.

How will you deal with upcoming challenges?

Take a close look at the cons. Look at ways that you can deal with these cons, and ask yourself are they really that big of a deal? Some will be, and some won’t. One example is I’m leaving a high paying job for a lower paying job because it lowers my stress level. Work out a budget ahead of time, is it a budget you can live within? Another example is I want to go back to school will I have time to study and meet my current obligations? You might need to take a look at what obligations are necessary and which ones aren’t?

Does this change fit into my long term goals?

Think to yourself, does this change fit in with where I want to go in life? Is it a new relationship? Ask yourself, will this relationship move me to what I want? Will this person be supportive of my long term goal? New job, does this job provide me with training, a better schedule, or simply more pay? If you ask yourself these questions it will help you identify whether the decision is a quick fix or something that will make your life better.

Remember that change is always stressful, but there are ways to make the decision a little easy. And as you leave one phase of your life the next one will begin.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Fans of club music are going to be pleased to hear that there is a new website that caters to their tastes in music. It’s called Clubmixed. And it’s a great place to listen to some of the newest and most danceable music. And it’s great because it’s free to sign up for the site, and listen to the music. And they are offering a free promotional right now. The promotional is a free download of BEST OF 2014 mix.

So what do I like about this site. Well of course the music. It’s not always easy to locate the music you hear at clubs, and it’s pretty easy to go through the songs on this site and find something to listen to.  I also like that you can purchase the music from the site, but you can listen to entire mixes before purchasing them.  

I also like that the site contains all the different genres of club music. So individuals who are new to the music scene can get a taste of everything, and learn a little bit more about it. This is a scene that a lot of individuals in the US don’t know a lot about, so it’s a great way to learn. It also contains some bio information about great DJ’s along with their music.

I checked out a few of the mixes on the site, and my favorite was Colin Dale’s That London Feeling. Dale has been a DJ for years, and his music is great.

The only down side to the site is it has an events section, but there are no events listed. But hopefully as the site grows events will be added to this section.

So if you like dance music, and you want to get a great taste of what is hot right now head check out Clubmixed.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I came across the most adorable stuffed bunny rabbit the other day while I was on Etsy the other day. So I looked at some of the other items in the shop, and I thought these are some really cool items that other people need to know about.

The shop is VasilisaSkaska. The shop owner is Vita Orlovsky from the Ukraine. 

And here is the Easter Bunny that caught my attention.

And as I looked around her shop, I saw these little birds that would go along well with the bunny.

Then I came across these awesome lights that are perfect for the house or decorating for a party especially weddings.

And then I found this hat, which would look adorable on me. Hint Hint to anyone looking to buy me a gift.

And the perfect new hand knit bed spread.

And because it’s an etsy shop everything is hand made. The items are made in the Ukraine so shipping for those of us in the US are a little higher, but I think it is well worth it.

So go on over to her shop, find something unique for your Easter basket or your home.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Irish Blessing Wall Hanging

Here’s a simple project for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s oh so easy, fairly inexpensive, and who doesn’t need an DIY Irish Blessing wall hanging in their house? Or you can use it as a gift for those friends or family members who love all things Irish.

Here’s What You Need

Paper for background
Scrap paper
Watercolor Paint
Glue stick

First paint your background paper. I chose yellow as my background color.

As the paint dries on the paper, grab your scrap paper and draw between 25 and 30 shamrocks of different sizes on the paper. Cut out the shamrocks. Next paint the shamrocks with some green paint. Allow them to dry.

When your background paper is dry, use your sharpie to write an Irish Blessing on the paper.

When your shamrocks are dry take the glue stick and rub glue on the back. Arrange the shamrocks as a boarder around your Irish Blessing.

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas on ways to make this better?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Just Can't Live Without

There are so many things in the world that make life easier, and sometimes better than it was in the past. Items like automobiles, toasters, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines are part of our daily lives. They are all great, but are they necessary to survive? No, we all they aren’t necessary to live our everyday life. Life went on for thousands of years before they were invented. But I just can’t live without indoor plumbing.

Yes, I know it is a weird thing to say that I can’t live without indoor plumbing, but it’s true. I can’t imagine running out doors in this cold weather we have experienced this winter to use an outhouse. And what would I do without a hot bath or shower? I mean come on cleanliness is next to Godliness right? And then how did people cope without being able to turn on the tap in order to get a cold drink of water?

What would my life be like if I had to go to a well to get water? I mean I have a problem with forgetting to do routine tasks. So what if I forget to get the daily supply of water? I’d be in some trouble wouldn’t I?

So now you know what I can’t live without, what can’t you live without?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eggplant Pizza

Here’s a little twist on regular pizza. It’s a little healthier, and well it tastes great. Eggplant Pizza is sure to please.

Here’s what you need

1 eggplant sliced in ¼ inch slices
1 can tomato paste
1 tomato sliced thinly
¼ cup of crumbled bacon
¼ cup sliced mushrooms
1 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese
1 Tbsp oregano
1 Tbsp basil
1 Tbsp minced garlic
¼ cup olive oil

Here’s what you need to do.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Mix the tomato paste, basil, oregano, and garlic together. Now lightly brush the eggplant slices with olive oil. Spread the tomato paste mixture on the eggplant slices. Add the tomato, bacon, mushroom to the top of the eggplant slices. Sprinkle each slice with mozzarella cheese. Bake for 10 minutes.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How To Recognize a Leprechaun

With St. Patrick’s Day coming it’s time to think about those mischievous little folk called leprechauns. Legend has it that if you can catch one you will be granted three wishes before he can be set free. So let the great leprechaun hunt begin so that the wishes can be granted.

Okay so we’ve all seen the pictures of how leprechauns dress, but I’ve always thought that’s how leprechauns dressed 150 years ago. How on earth would I recognize a one today? It helps to know what one would look like in order to catch one and get those three wishes. Here are some of the things that I think a modern day leprechaun would wear.

Since they are related to fairies, they would probably be a somewhat flashy dresser when they go out. So if you’re out and about, and you see a guy wearing a jacket like this from Atelier Vintage Shop on Etsy you might want to watch this fellow a little closer.

Even though they are part of the fairy world they are a little more practical than Tinkerbell, so they would probably be wearing jeans just like these.

Shoes are very important in their mischievous lives, and they won’t wear just any pair of shoes. These are that I think they would wear.

We’re used to seeing that top hat with a buckle, but the new guy would wear something like this.

Now where would a leprechaun hang out? Since they love mischief, anyplace mischief can be found. So they are sure to be found at any parade, or party held on St. Patrick’s Day. But there is another place you might want to check out if you are on the hunt. Leprechauns are often cobblers by trade so make sure you check out the local shore stores.

May the luck of the Irish be with you while you hunt for leprechauns this year.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blank Question

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced any rap music so I thought I would share the song Blank Question by Ty Spacely ft Dana Kennedy. Ty is a rapper from Ohio, and he puts together some great songs. And I really like his song Blank Question. Why is the question many of you are asking I bet, and here is why.

I really like how the song starts out with the keyboards. I really liked the echo sound that the keyboard had at the beginning. Then there are the lyrics to the song. He opens with the question is this really what you want to do? Maybe it’s because I’ve been asking myself that same question a lot recently, but it caught my attention. Ty presents questions that are real to all of us. The lyrics throughout the song are all about what it is like to work toward a goal in your life. It can be a struggle, but you have to keep working at it in spite of everything.

I like this song, the lyrics have some meaning. The song is all about a young man who is looking at his life, and he’s trying to do something with his life. This song is mixed well, and the music does not overpower the lyrics. He’s paired a nice melody with good lyrics. That isn’t always easy to do. Go ahead and listen to Blank Question and let me know what you think of the song.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Things That Have Made This Week Great

It’s time to find out the interesting experiences I’ve had this week. These things have made this week great.

1.       While I was waiting at a stop light, I looked over to the side of the road. I saw a teenage boy run up a large mountain of snow, throw his hands up in the air, and yell I’m king of the hill. You just have to love that spirit!

2.       Looking over and seeing two of the cats grooming each other. It reminded me what true friendship and devotion is all about. It’s all about jumping in and helping a friend out even if it’s cleaning up a mess.

3.       Once again driving down the road, I saw a young man with a bag from McDonald’s and his mouth stuffed full of French fries. In fact it was so full of them they were hanging out of his mouth. There are just times that you have to go to excess with something you love.

4.       Seeing the time and temperature sign say 51 degrees. Yes, spring will get here before we know it.

What’s made your week great?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Which Muppet Are You Like?

The Muppets have always had a special place in my heart. First on Sesame Street, then through their show, and through now through the movies they have always entertained me. And the new move Muppets Most Wanted is sure to add to this love. Part of the reason I like the Muppets so much is their crazy antics. And part of it is because I see so many people I know in each of the characters. I know a Kermit, I know a Beaker, I know a Gonzo, so my question to you is which Muppet are you like?

Kermit is just a nice guy. He’s helpful, loyal, and caring. He’s the kind of guy everyone wants for a friend.

Miss Piggy is the drama queen. Yes, she is beautiful and she knows it. She speaks her mind, and she isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers along the way.

Animal is the original Wildman. Every day is a party for Animal, and he enjoys every moment of every day.

Gonzo marches to the beat of a different drummer. He’s in love with a chicken, and his acts always push the limits on the show.

Statler and Waldorf are the guys who heckle the Muppets at each performance. These are the people who are criticizing everything they see.

Sam the Eagle is the person who takes their role in life a little too seriously. He is the moral compass of the Muppets, but he a difficult time keeping up with everyone’s antics.

Do you see yourself in any of these characters, and are there any other characters that you love and identify with?