Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three Tips That Will Help You When You Have to Deal With a Funeral Home

Well today was the day that we went to meet with the funeral home to make arrangements for my father’s funeral. And this was exhausting. It was not a negative experience, but there are some things you should be prepared for. My father was the type of man who always planned ahead, and of course he pre-planned his funeral. This made things much easier. Here are three tips to dealing with a funeral home after my experience today.

1.       Plan Ahead

Yes, I would advise if you are in a position plan things out ahead of time. Nobody wants to deal with it, but the day will come when every family must plan a funeral. My father had everything paid for, and he let us know that everything was paid for. He made it clear to us that we shouldn’t pay anything extra. And we didn’t.

2.       Be Cooperative

Family members cooperate with each other when it comes to plan the funeral. This is not the time to be arguing about what you want. If something is really important to one person, let that be added. Is it really worth arguing over when you all are already exhausted?

3.       Check the Bill

As I stated earlier, my father had a pre-planned funeral. He planned it 10 years ago. So the prices of items changed. The price of everything had risen significantly, and there were some of the services that my family decided to pursue elsewhere such as purchasing flowers. This along with some of other services that were no longer needed actually left our family with a credit. But we had to ask for a copy of the bill in order to receive it. The funeral home probably wasn’t trying to rip us off, but there were things that were overlooked when we the director was filling out the paperwork. Take someone that will be on their toes when it comes to billing if you have a prepaid funeral plan.

Follow these suggestions, and a very stressful day will become a little less stressful. But keep in mind that you will be exhausted after this experience no matter how well you have planned, no matter how well everyone gets along.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Honey And Coconut Milk Hair Mask

Who doesn't want hair like this?

You know beautiful healthy looking hair. Here's a way to get it.

First pour half a can of coconut milk in a glass bowl.

Now add 4 Tbsps of honey.

Okay, now whisk this all together. And place it in a clean jar. 

Now you're ready to use the mask. Wet your hair, and massage the mixture into your scalp. After a half hour, rinse and shampoo your hair as normal.

Music to blog by Hair from the musical Hair

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Great Fuqua Reunion

This afternoon a great family reunion began. A family reunion that reunites loved ones that have not had the opportunity to see each other in years. This afternoon my Grandma, my Grandpa, Aunt Tiny, Aunt Beaulah, Aunt Emily, Uncle Louie, Uncle Homer, Uncle Herb, and my sister Mary all had the chance to greet my father as he met them in heaven. While those of us here on earth will miss my father greatly, I am happy that he will be able to spend time with those he has been separated from. He will be able to breath freely, and sing songs at the top of his lungs with his siblings. He will be able to go fishing with his brothers. Plant a garden, and just tell silly jokes to anyone that will listen. And he will hear the words well done my good and faithful servant from his Lord and Savior.

 RIP Pop

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If I Had a Million Dollars

Once again it is time to dream about just how I would spend all that mad money if I had a million dollars to just go out, and blow it on anything.

First, I’d get this necklace, I love the color, and the porcelain beads are gorgeous. Euphorial

Second, a vintage pink dress with blue polka dots. It’s so cute. DesignPhotoGraphics

Of course a kawaii plushy would be on the list this week.Kawaii Pink Bunny

Bottles of Goddess dressing by Annie’s for me and my friends. It tastes so yummy!

And because I had a big bruise that needed help healing this last week I want Mayron's Ouch Stuff that helps with bruises and burns. You can get it through AhaLife.


Music to blog by Them Bones Alice in Chains

Monday, July 21, 2014

Can Being Positive Really Lengthen Your Life?

We’ve all heard about the studies stating that a positive outlook in life will help you lengthen your life, but is it really true? The events over the past couple of weeks in my father’s life have made me a firm believer that yes, it is true. We all thought last week would be it. He was in ICU. His breathing was extremely labored. But through it all he has remained positive. He has joked with us about how the hospital might foreclose on our homes in order to pay for the bill. When we told him not to worry about us, he simply replied. Oh, I’m not. I believe that his ability to live for the moments that are here provided him with extra physical strength to pull through the last round of his illness. His belief that things will work out one way or another has lengthen his life, maybe not by much, but it certainly helped him survive the last challenge he faced. None of us know how many more challenges he will have the strength to face, but I do know one thing. His attitude has provided us all with another day to spend time with us.

Music to blog by Have You Seen My Son by Benjamin Booker

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Eve

What happens when a Los Angeles heavy metal band decides to add a little bit more of a pop sound to its music? You end up with the music of Sweet Eve. The band has been playing the club circuit in Los Angeles, and they are working on a new album.

So what does the music sound like if a band moves from heavy metal to the pop scene. You get music with a strong guitar presence. You get music that you want to dance to. And their songs have a little harder edge than most pop songs. Their music kind of reminds me a little bit of Green Day.  

I listened to three of their songs, and my favorite was Dead Like Me. The lyrics are dark, but they also bring up ways to deal with ways to make it through some of the pain individuals are feeling. And of course I liked the faster punk sound the song has.

As we all know bands come and bands go, but bands that work hard at the club scenes, and develop their own sound are the ones that last. This band is certainly working hard, and I hope that all of that pays off for them in the end.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tatooine Sunset

Yes, this recipe is for all of the Star Wars geeks out there. Remember the beautiful sunset scene in Star Wars? You know the one with the two setting suns? 

Well it’s the inspiration for this simple fun drink that I found through I wanted to see if this drink tastes as good as it looks, and so I set out to make a Tatooine Sunset.

It’s easy to make. It only requires two ingredients pineapple juice, and Rose’s Grenadine. So now you know what you need. Here’s what you do.

Pour some pineapple juice in a glass, and then slowly add some of the grenadine. The two will separate, and you will have a tasty drink that looks like the sunsets on Tatooine.

Music to blog by Bohemian Rhapsody Star Wars Edition

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Captain Optimism

Most girls see their dads as a superhero. And I’m no exception to the rule. But most refer to their dads as Superdad, but my dad is actually Captain Optimism. Yes, my father is perhaps the most positive person alive. As long as I can remember, he has had an attitude that life is good, and that things are going to work out well.

Whenever you come to him with a problem, he would provide us with a couple of different solutions, and then tell us things will work out. There has never been a doubt that things will work out well. He has the tendency to make a situation that you are making into a big production not such a big deal.

And I do mean that he is always like this. Two weeks ago he was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease. The only curative treatment for this disease is a lung transplant. Due to his age, 89, he is not a candidate for this. The call came from family members they took him to the hospital by ambulance. His condition was not good. He was admitted to the hospital, and he was on the ICU. Many individuals would lie there feeling sorry for themselves. Throughout all of this he was able to think of others in spite of his difficulty breathing. He did say he had trouble breathing, but it wasn’t the thing he talked about. Before I left the hospital one day, I told him not to worry. His reply was oh, I’m not!

And then after a couple of days, he informed all of us, that there is one of three possible outcomes to this situation. 1. God will heal him. 2. Medicine will heal him. 3. He will go to heaven.  And none of these seem like bad options. I was amazed! I thought at a time when many individuals are full of sorrow, and fear my father in a couple of days had dealt with his big fears, found solutions and found the bright side to the situation. Not everyone is capable of doing this. And he has showed all of us that no matter what you should always enjoy the day you have, and that there is always no matter what a bright side to every situation.

Music to blog Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Art Garfunkel

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If I Had A Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars this is how I would spend money right here and right now.

I’d get one of Del’s Cheese Popcorn bags cause their popcorn is the bomb! I’d get the big one, and send it to the staff on the ICU at Decatur Memorial Hospital to thank them for taking such good care of my dad.

I’d get this get this Blue Berri Nut necklace because blue really is my favorite color. And this one looks fabulous.  It's made by Euphorial, visit that shop if you are looking for jewelry it's got some great stuff in it.

I'd get this kitty cat cup for my cats, then maybe the demon cat wouldn't think she needs to drink out of my glass everyday.

And last but not least I’d get this skirt because it’s so cute. It would be great to build an outfit around.

Music to blog by Hold Yourself Up by The Polyphonic Spree

Monday, July 14, 2014

Aztec Music Review

The music scene in Canada always seems to go unnoticed in the States, every once and a while a band kind of jumps out and says you need to take a look at these guys. And Aztec is an indie band from Canada that deserves some airplay. And well how can you not be interested in learning about a band that has a description that states “we play loud”.

The band has just released an ep called Stitches. And I like it! The first song on the ep is call The Benefits of Being Alone is all about well the benefits of being alone. While so many songs talk about how individuals are looking for love, this song points out that there is a lot of freedom in being all by yourself. You have the freedom to call someone and say if you’re not doing anything today, let’s do it together.

My favorite song on the ep is If I Believed in Anything. The melody is kind of catchy, and the lyrics well they are kind of about just being where you are.  You know those times when you don’t know what is going on, and you feel like things could be better, but you’re not sure. That’s what I thought when I listened to the song.

This band has produced an ep that is interesting to listen to both through the music, and the lyrics. And I can’t wait to hear what they put together in the future.

So take a listen to their music, and let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Day at ChalkWalk

Ever think what a little chalk, and a little creativity might look like? Here are some of the results.

I really liked the last one the best. And I think it's sad that within a couple of days all of the beautiful art will be washed away with the rain.

Music to blog by That's All Right Mama by Carl Perkins

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The words that we hear others say can make us happy. When someone tells us a funny story, we smile, or laugh, and we feel happy.  If someone gives us a compliment there is a swelling inside us that makes us feel good. And then there are other types of words, there are angry words. These words are simply meant to hurt others. And there are words of honesty. These words are meant to encourage us to become better people. And there are words that are honest that can scare us.

Sometimes words can mean different things, it often depends on the context they are spoken in. This week these made me feel very afraid. You should come very soon. For some people these would be words to welcome them. But these words were spoken to get my attention. They were spoken to tell me that time is short. They were spoken to wake me up, and let me know that we don’t have as much time as we thought.

And while I was scared when I heard them, I am thankful for those words, because it did wake me up. And I have had the chance to say things I needed to say. So maybe just because something scares doesn’t mean that it is so awful, maybe there are times when we need fear in order to move us on to something better in our lives.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Watermelon Salad

It’s summertime, and of course melons are everywhere. So here’s a simple summer salad that will make a melon lover drool.

Here’s what you need
1 cup of sliced cucumber
2 cups cubed watermelon
2 cups of cubed cantaloupe
1 Tbsp sea salt
2 Tbsp honey
4 Tbsp lemon juice

Here’s what you need to do

Throw the cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe into a bowl. Mix the honey and lemon juice together and pour it over the mixture. Sprinkle with the sea salt.

Now you have a super tasty summer salad.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Honey Tea Thyme Review

As we all know honey is a sweet gift from God, and I was fortunate to receive some samples of flavored honey from Honey Tea Thyme to review. I know I’m a lucky dog!

Honey Tea Thyme is a company that is owned by Sharon Pacheco. And she is a firm believer that honey not only tastes great, but that it great for our overall health. Research shows she’s right about that. And while her store sells pure raw honey, she also has taken the taste and health benefits a step further by infusing some of the most beneficial herbs, spices and flavors.
Okay, so Sharon sent me a sample of her raw honey. This is organic honey from Colorado. So it’s that thick rich honey, not the watered down versions you pick up at the big chain stores. It has that darker color of raw honey. This is the real good stuff. So what does it taste like? It tastes like honey. So it’s sweet.
She also sent me a sample of her ginger infused honey. I loved this stuff. Ginger and honey both have great health benefits. One of them is increased energy, and of course honey can help ease coughs. This honey has a more yellowish color, and it surprise it has a slight taste of ginger to it.

Sample jars of the honey are only $3.50  for a 2 oz. jar of the conventional honey, and $3.75 for the organically infused honey. And if you just want a sample of the raw honey it is $3.00 for a 2 oz jar. These prices don’t include shipping. So you can purchase small amounts to see what you like best. And if you order in bulk you get free shipping.

If you like quality honey, I believe that this is a business that will be of interest to you.

Music to blog by Wish I Was Here by Coldplay and Cat Power

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Three Letters of the Alphabet I Hate

This past week I have grown to hate three letters of the alphabet. What is it about these letters that have evoked such strong emotions in me? It’s not the letters themselves. Alone the letters are perfectly fine. They are harmless. It’s when they are combined that they can be deadly. What are these three letters you are asking? ILD are the letters. And if I’m really honest, it’s not the letters that I hate it’s that they are simply an abbreviation for another term that I hate. They stand for Interstitial Lung Disease.

And until a few days ago, I knew very little about this disease. I didn’t know that the letters combined stood for something deadly. I didn’t know that my father had ILD. So life has changed a little. I’ve begun to wonder why this is happening to a good person. The only answer I can come up with is I don’t know. I’ve wondered how long will this last. And once again I the only answer I can come up with is I don’t know. Will there be a lot of suffering? The answer I come up with is I hope not. But one thing I do know is life has thrown a curve ball, and things won’t be the way they were.

ApiHappi Review

What happens when you cross a couples love for travel, cultural diversity, and fashion design? You end up with a new company called ApiHappi. The couple that has created this company is Arpana Samarakoon and Etosha Lankatilleke.  


The company is based in Sri Lanka. But this company isn’t a company that is exploiting cheap labor. They are a company that is utilizing the craftsmanship of the hand weaving loomers of Sri Linka. Each of their products is made from this fabric, and it is combined with the styles of the west. The result is something like this.

They look pretty cool if you ask me. I like that this couple has combined practicality with fun colors. And they have decided that they want a quality product that last so that have utilized French stitching in order to reduce the chance of fraying. That’s even better because you know the bag will last a while. Personally, I think it bites when you spend a lot of money on a bag and then it falls apart in a couple of months. This couple has added something extra to their products to reduce the chance of this occurring.

The other great thing I love about this company and their products is that they really are trying to make a difference in the world. They are proving just how these bags can be put to good use. Their first goal is to donate 1000 bags to poverty stricken school children. That’s a big goal! And I hope that they achieve it soon.

So, as you purchase bags for trips the beach, vacations, and back to school, make sure that you put ApiHappi on your shopping list. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Spelling Bee

We always see it on the news every year, the annual spelling bee. It’s that time when one child’s ability to spell all those words that we never use is highlighted by the world. And spelling is important, but is it as important as it used to be?

Now, for those of you with grammar or spelling Nazis around you place your 911 call now, because those individuals have just gone into cardiac arrest. But let’s all just admit it. Being the perfect speller or grammar clinician just isn’t as necessary as it used to be.

Okay, I’m not arguing that we shouldn’t teach grammar or spelling. Everyone needs to be able to communicate in writing, but let’s admit it. We all use spellcheck to correct our spelling and grammar. With the exception of one of my friends most of us are actually dependent on it. I am! I was the kid in the class that dreaded spelling tests and those weeks of torture in English class called diagramming sentences. It was awful! It really didn’t make a lot of sense to me, and so I didn’t care. And whenever I went to the board to diagram the sentence well I felt stupid because I couldn’t do it the way I was supposed to. In fact it deterred me from writing for years. I only wrote when I had to. I never would have put together anything like a blog. I just didn’t want to be told how poorly I wrote.

So along comes this thing called spellcheck. It provided those of us who are grammatically and spelling challenged the opportunity to reduce the ridicule we receive when we misspell a word, or when we put together a fragmented sentence. While sometimes it will come up with a wrong answer, as the grammar Nazis will point out, it is an equalizer in the writing world.

So it isn’t as important to be the best speller in the class as it used to be. But I wouldn’t throw it out of the school curriculum just yet. And I'm pretty sure those spelling bees aren't going away any time soon either.

Music to blog by Rockabilly Roustabout Ukulele Style performed by Al Wood

L.A. Davis' Music

Sometimes pop music is bubblegum music. Sometimes you listen to a pop song and think this person just is in doing this to make money. While L.A. Davis writes pop songs, it’s not bubblegum music, and when you listen to his music you’ll know why he gets paid to write music. He writes music because he loves music. And not only can the man write music, and lyrics, he can sing too.

L.A.’s music has style. The song 3 6 5 has the feel of a song that you would hear in one of the new musicals. As I listened to the song, I realized this isn’t a performer that you would hear at the local bar, but one that really needs a big stage. And I also realized that this is a performer who truly enjoys performing. While I haven’t had the opportunity to see him live, I bet he puts on a really great show.

The song that I liked the most of all of L.A.’s songs was Ammunition. It’s a song about how some relationships are a battle, that you constantly have to be looking for ammo for the next round of fighting. The lyrics and the words both reflect it.

I hope that all of his hard work pays off, and that we soon hear him on the radio here in the States. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Zucchini and Tomato Casserole

Yes, before we know it gardens will be overflowing with zucchini and tomatoes so here’s an easy and tasty recipe with loads of items that you will be able to pull right out of your garden.

Here’s what you need

2 large onions sliced
2 large garlic cloves minced
1 medium eggplant cut into ¼ inch cubes
4 medium zucchini sliced thickly
2 large green peppers cut into chunks
4 tomatoes cut into pieces
Sea Salt
Olive oil

What to do

Layer the first six ingredients in a large casserole dish. In between each layer, add a little bit of olive oil, oregano, and sea salt, and parsley. Bake for 2 to 2 ½ hours at 350.

There are a couple of great things about this. One it’s so heart healthy it’s unbelievable, and two you can serve it hot, cold, or reheated. It tastes great all ways. And it’s perfect for any large family gathering.

Other recipes you might like
Pass the Peas Please
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Music to blog by Come With Me Now by KONGOS

Friday, July 4, 2014

Smokey's Disbelief

I was lying next to the window minding my own business. I love to lie by the window on a table and take a nap. It’s just the perfect place for a nap. Well that morning, I was dreaming of birds and how tasty they would be if I caught one. Then I felt the table move. It happens sometimes one of my roommates rubs against the legs of the table, so at first I wasn’t too worried. But then things I noticed this wasn’t just someone rubbing against the table. Things had changed. And the thing that changed was my roommate Captain was on the table. And this table wasn’t made for two. The next thing I know Captain is sitting on me. And not the oh, I’m sorry I got to close to you, but it was the type of sit where he plopped right on top of my whole body. Now, Captain for the most part is very sensitive, but this was just flat out rude. It was so rude that my demon cat roommate Bobaloo stared at him. The look on her face said what does he think he is doing? The only thing I could do in the situation was to jump down. And you know what he did? He just sprawled out like what he did was perfectly fine. I was so hurt! How could he treat me this way? He knows how sensitive I am, and he just didn’t care if he hurt my feelings. Fellow felines in the blogosphere, what do I do when my friend is so cruel to me? Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Catalina Shortwave

With some bands you hear one song that they play, and you are able to peg their style immediately. Catalina Shortwave is not one of those bands. Some of the songs are a little popish, some are a little dark sounding, and some are just kind of fun. One thing about all of the bands songs is that they are unique to this band.

So I’m sure some of you are thinking what makes them so unique? Well first of all they have a song called Anne Boleyn. This is not what most bands choose as a title for a song. So of course it caught my eye. The song begins with a hard guitar sound. You know kind of like the ones that were used a lot in the grunge period. And it’s followed by the lyrics that tell the story of a twisted love story. I like the song!

Don’t Never Take kind of reminds me of a song that you would hear on a country music station. It’s the timing of the song, and the lyrics. It’s a song that you would expect to hear a bar band play. And the song Make it Through the Night has a more hard rock tone, which appeal to fans of that genre.  And if you listen to their music I’m sure that you will agree with me that this band is a little difficult to place into one genre. And I really like this in a band. It’s easier for bands to get attention if they fit into one genre, but often it means they don’t play all the music they enjoy. So it’s great to hear a band choose to pursue what they enjoy in the music world instead of looking at their music from a business point of view. And I really like that from a band. It’s what music should be all about. Not about making as much money as possible, but about creating music that you enjoy, and hopefully you make loads of money in the process.

So if you’re a fan of indie music you should really listen to these guys music, and let me know what you think about it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth of July Decorations

The fourth of July is almost here, and so many individuals will be throwing parties. Here are a few simple decorating ideas in order to make your surroundings a little more festive.

Patriotic Decorations

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sea Witch Book Review

I recently received a copy of the book Sea Witch by the author Helen Hollick. She asked if I would complete a review of her book, and I said sure thing.

So here’s what the book is about.

Tiola is a 15 year girl in the 1700’s is traveling by ship across the ocean with her guardian. They come in contact with a pirate ship, and Tiola sees the man who will be a part of her future, Jesemiah. He sees her and his curious. But Tiola realizes that she is too young, so she uses her gift of The Craft to push herself from his memory.

Time passes, and once again Tiola and Jesemiah’s pathes cross again. The life of a pirate is dangerous, and Jesemiah is in need of Tiola’s skills as a healer. And this time Jesemiah realizes that he wants Tiola in his life permanently. But there is another man that is interested in Tiola, and he knows that Jesemiah has a past. And he makes a deal with Jesemiah that will cost everything if he doesn’t take it. But if he takes the deal it will cost him Tiola.

But do not fear, even though the couple must separate it is only for a short period of time. They are reunited, and justice comes about pirate style.

Okay that is what the book is about. I really enjoyed reading this book. The book has a lot of adventure, and some fun twists and turns. It’s a love story, and who doesn’t like those. Part of the book takes place in the Florida Keys which I really liked because I spent a winter in Key West. So it brought back some memories for me. I also really liked that the book tried to portray pirates for what they were. They were people who didn’t like to follow the rules. They loved the seas. And they had their own code. They elected their captains, but if they didn’t like him they would put him off the ship. So it’s a little like what happened to Jack Sparrow.  I also like that she didn’t spare the blood and romanticize their lives. While the life of sailing the seas with loads of freedom sounds great. There were a few catches, like the chance of being hanged. And of course she portrays the sea battles just the way they were. They were awful. And of course there is that business with The Craft which adds a little magic to the book. And the book is part of a series, so Tiola and Jesemiah aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

So now you know a little about the book and why I like it. Now, who do I think will like this book? Well, anyone who enjoys historical romances will definitely be interested in this book. Individuals who like adventure and pirates will probably find it interesting too.

You can get the book through amazon. Go ahead and check it out!

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