Sunday, July 6, 2014

L.A. Davis' Music

Sometimes pop music is bubblegum music. Sometimes you listen to a pop song and think this person just is in doing this to make money. While L.A. Davis writes pop songs, it’s not bubblegum music, and when you listen to his music you’ll know why he gets paid to write music. He writes music because he loves music. And not only can the man write music, and lyrics, he can sing too.

L.A.’s music has style. The song 3 6 5 has the feel of a song that you would hear in one of the new musicals. As I listened to the song, I realized this isn’t a performer that you would hear at the local bar, but one that really needs a big stage. And I also realized that this is a performer who truly enjoys performing. While I haven’t had the opportunity to see him live, I bet he puts on a really great show.

The song that I liked the most of all of L.A.’s songs was Ammunition. It’s a song about how some relationships are a battle, that you constantly have to be looking for ammo for the next round of fighting. The lyrics and the words both reflect it.

I hope that all of his hard work pays off, and that we soon hear him on the radio here in the States. 

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