Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Nine Year Old and an Uzi

I heard the news that a nine year old shot and killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi. It made me wonder about how a nine year old and an Uzi wind up together. Uzi’s aren’t the typical gun that you need to teach your child gun safety about. How did this happen?

We often judge the parents of children who forget to take their child with them when they run inside a store on a hot day. We judge parents whose children use drugs. There are all kinds of ways that we judge parents. And I believe that I try to avoid doing that. I don’t know the circumstances around many individuals’ actions. But in this case I am judging the parents. Yes, I’ve said it. This incident never needed to happen.

This isn’t a story about gun control as I have heard in the news. To me it’s a question of good judgment. Why is a child being taught to use a weapon that has no clear use in daily life? This is not a weapon that is used for hunting. It is not a weapon used for personal protection. It is a weapon that is meant to destroy. Why would parents want their nine year old daughter to know how to use an Uzi? I can think of no rational explanation. Did they allow their daughter to use the Uzi because she wanted to? Um, the word no is acceptable. Did they think it would be cute to have pictures of their daughter firing the weapon? Well the picture certainly is being seen by a lot of people, nobody is saying it is cute. Or did they believe that it was like a handgun? There is a reason that most people don’t own them.

So parents of this child, I do feel bad for you. I am sorry to hear that your vacation has had this unhappy event occur while you were relaxing. I’m sorry to hear that your daughter was now knows how realistic gunshot wounds look. While I question your judgment on this event, please don’t spend the rest of your rest of your life beating yourself up. Please don’t play the blame game. Please help your daughter get past this event. And use your experience to make better choices in the future. 

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  1. I saw this on Facebook and wondered if it was real

  2. It made me sad, and while I believe in the right to bear arms, I cannot understand why a nine year old was using or learning how to use this particular weapon.