Friday, August 15, 2014

Captain’s Sure Proof Method of Obtaining Quality Attention

Yes, I am a cat who loves attention from my pet human. When my pet human is gone, I love to sit around the house dreaming up new ways of getting her attention. My absolute new favorite method is quite an efficient method. For all the attention starved felines in the blog world here is my method that is sure to obtain results.

Felines this is the method I use in order to attain that attention. First I wait until my pet human goes to bed. When she is just about to go to sleep, I pounce on the bed. At first I don’t approach her. I let her think that I simply want to lie on the bed. Then after she has relaxed, I slowly move toward my pet. When I am close I gently place my head under her head near her ear. You must do this slowly in order to not be told to leave. After you have placed your head under your pet human’s ear begin to purr. At first begin to purr softly then build up your volume. Soon you will need to purr more loudly. Soon your pet human will begin to pet you and provide you with the attention you desire.

Please share with me any methods you have of obtaining attention from your pet human.


  1. Frankie here I find that if you headbutt your human when their in the bed they will pet you or rub your body up against their face they laugh and pet you give this one a try it works really well in training your human

  2. Great advice Captain if only more cats read your blog